Most potential students that are considering applying for the Masters of Engineering with a concentration in Information Engineering Management (IEM) at UAB already have years of experience in a technical field - but they are also looking for something more. While they share similar technical skills, the diverse dreams and goals they have for themselves moving forward gives our IEM classes a different kind of authenticity. Our students are taking what they're learning in class and actively applying it in their current workplaces, their five year plans to go from engineer to manager, or even to bolster their entrepreneurial spirit to start new companies.


June 2019 IEM Testimonials

Straight from the Source

We can talk all day about IEM - but we'd know you'd rather hear from the people that have been in your shoes before. We've asked an alumna and a current IEM student to share their own thoughts about IEM - the high and lows, the balancing acts, even their hopes and dreams for their personal and professional lives upon completing IEM.

Trent Lesley

IEM Graduation Year: 2020
Current Position: Engineering Services Manager, The Walt Disney Company - Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Helen Hayes

IEM Graduation Year: 2013
Current Position: Director of Public Information - Jefferson County, Alabama


What made you choose the UAB Master of Engineering with an IEM concentration for your graduate education?

Hayes: I was struggling in my corporate middle manager job and wanted to educate myself on what the possibilities were if I started my own business. I had ideas, but had followed the traditional path my parents laid out for me. Go to college, get a job, and stay in the job.

Lesley: Believe it or not, I discovered the IEM program one day while doing a random “best engineering graduate school” search on Google. Being that UAB was an hour down the road, I was instantly intrigued...but what really caught my eye was the fact that every review and testimonial stated that this program was much more “different” than any other graduate or MBA style degree.

Was there a moment during the IEM program that stood out to you or made a difference in your personal or professional life? Can you tell us more about it?

Hayes: I spent my entire career trying to keep a job and not be downsized. I made it through corporate fraud layoffs, two bank mergers, and then more layoffs at another major company. Finally, it caught up with me and in the middle of my Master’s I found myself without a job. I had six months to start my business. When I visited with Dr. Callahan after losing my job he told me 'congratulations!’ It was the start of a new day for me and new chapter in my life.

Lesley: IEM made a difference in my life before I even started the program. I reached out to Dr. Callahan and we scheduled a 30 minute phone call, which turned into over an hour conversation, which then led to lunch. During our lunch, he asked some of the most difficult yet eye-opening questions that I’ve ever been asked. Those questions led to challenges, which led to action items, which led to a life-changing season. Dr. Callahan and the IEM program served as my accountability during this time without cracking a single (school) book.

Were you able to balance your personal commitments while also completing the IEM program? If so, how did you achieve this?

Lesley: I have absolutely been able to balance my personal commitments while completing the IEM program. As business professionals, we all can most likely agree that there aren't enough hours in the day. While we can’t manage time, we can manage priorities...and I believe once the relationships start to form and the content begins to develop, it is easy to identify IEM as a top priority.

How you experienced any impact in your professional or personal outlook since completing the IEM program?

Hayes: While I was in IEM, Dr. Callahan helped me get my personal business started and provided guidance on farming out the things that I didn’t like to do. I’ve been in business almost 4 years now and have not looked back. Dale will challenge you, motivate you, and most importantly — tell you what you need to hear — like it or not.

Lesley: I have experienced multiple impacts to my professional and personal career...but more so on the personal side. IEM has challenged myself, and even my wife, to dig deep into what I want to do for the next 40-ish years of my life. I am very blessed to be able to honestly say that I love my job, but I have definitely asked myself the question: “Is there more?” If you’re just looking for a degree, this program is not for you. There are plenty of other universities that can provide you with that. If you’re looking for a program and a group of leaders that truly want to see you succeed and become (more) passionate about waking up in the morning and influencing the people around you, then you have hit the jackpot. IEM will provide you with the tools and resources to become a better leader, entrepreneur, and business professional. This is not just a degree...this is a lifestyle.

Be Your Own IEM Success Story

We hope hearing it straight from some of our students that have made their struggles in to successes and dreams into reality will help you learn more about how our program is inspiring others just like you in technical positions. If you are preparing to move into a management position or even if you're curious about the next chapter in your story, we invite you to schedule a time to talk with us or our alumni about your career goals and ways to accomplish them. Use the form above or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start the conversation.

About IEM

The Master of Engineering with a concentration in Information Engineering Management (IEM) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is a specialized concentration designed primarily for engineers and people in technical positions. The concentration presents business systems and soft skills in a curriculum that is based on actual engineering industry needs and is offered completely online.