Helen Hayes

helen hayes"I had the opportunity to work with Dale as part of my Master’s Program. I was struggling in my corporate middle manager job and wanted to educate myself on what the possibilities were if I started my own business. I had ideas, but had followed the traditional path my parents laid out for me. Go to College, get a job, and stay in the job. I spent my entire career trying to keep a job and not be downsized. I made it through corporate fraud layoffs, two bank mergers, and then more layoffs at another major company. Finally, it caught up with me and in the middle of my Master’s I found myself without a job. I had six months to start my business. When I visited with Dale after losing my job he told me 'congratulations!’ It was the start of a new day for me and new chapter in my life. He helped me get started and provided guidance on farming out the things that I didn’t like to do. I’ve been in business almost 4 years now and have not looked back. I recently started a second business. Dale will challenge you, motivate you, and most importantly — tell you what you need to hear — like it or not."