Graduate Level Certificate in Translational & Molecular Sciences (TMS)

Purpose and Educational Objectives: The last decade has seen significant emphasis on translational research being a central feature of biomedical-related research training. This certificate program formalizes graduate training and education in translational sciences at UAB. Students completing the certificate will be trained in one or more key facets that comprise the process and goals of translational research; namely, understanding mechanisms of disease, how these insights are then used to develop, test and apply therapies for the treatment of disease, and how translational research is a bridge between basic and applied research.

Admission Requirements: Any degree (MS, PhD or MD/PhD) earning graduate student who has completed the first year of graduate school, is in good academic standing (UAB GPA ≥ 3), and has begun full-time research in a laboratory can enroll in the certificate program. The following materials are also required:

i) A letter from the student’s theme or program director and dissertation research mentor stating their approval for the student to enroll into the certificate program.
ii) A statement from the student as to how participating in the certificate program would enhance his / her research and career goals.

The certificate program director will review these materials and decide on acceptance. Non-degree earning students will not be allowed to enroll in the certificate program.

Requirements for Completion of Certificate:

i) Students are required to complete 12 credit hours (accumulated from at least one core course plus any combination of electives listed under "Academic Program") to complete the certificate. Courses can be taken at any time up until the student graduates. Only those courses that are completed and passed, up until the student graduates, will be considered for the certificate program. A failing grade (C or below) in any of the courses will not be applied to the required 12 credit hours.

ii) Semi-annually, students are required to submit to the certificate program administrator an update of credits received for TMS core and elective courses, and students will also be asked to complete an evaluation of the program upon completion of certificate requirements.