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The GRD717 course provides instruction in a variety of areas that pertain to research ethics, including but not limited to fabrication, falsification and plagiarism. In brief, it utilizes a blended approach of on-line and in-person training, which includes attendance at an 8hr in-person discussion session facilitated by faculty. Successful completion of the course is required for all doctoral (PhD) and masters plan II students to enter candidacy.

As GRD717 is offered currently as a hybrid course, the 'in-person' discussion are currently delivered in 2 x 4hr sessions via zoom on back-to-back days; all will be from 8am - 12pm. Because the delivery of these sessions will be online via Zoom, the main role for faculty facilitators will be to facilitate discussion throughout the presentation and while discussing case studies with trainees in zoom-breakout rooms. I will embed a number of elements throughout the presentation to make it as interactive as possible.

The dates for the Fall 2023 semester are September 27-28, October 26-27, and November 27-28. Please send the dates you wish to participate to Dr. Carmel McNicholas-Bevensee, RCR Training Coordinator, via email at

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