Student Achievement

Michael Schultz with pumpkin carvings.

Michael Schultz carries many titles – student, researcher, teacher, writer.

But for 30 days out of the year, the 28-year-old Minnesota native adds one more to the mix – pumpkin carver.

3 Minute Thesis logo.

UAB Graduate School hosted its 2018 3 Minute Thesis competition Oct. 16 at the Hill Student Center Alumni Theater. There were 10 finalists in the Doctoral and three finalists in the Master’s competition. After much deliberation, the judges selected the top two competitors for the Master's and the top two for the Doctoral. The third place, or People's Choice, was chosen by the audience.

Students in caps and gowns celebrating.

The Summer 2018 UAB Doctoral Hooding Ceremony and Master's Student Commencement was held August 10 at the Bartow Arena. During the summer, approximately 1,125 students earned graduate degrees, including 98 doctoral degrees. The Graduate School would like to congratulate all of the Summer 2018 graduates!

Rashad Hayes.

The word “survivor” means many things to many people, but for 24-year-old Rashad Hayes it’s one more opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Students in caps and gowns celebrating.

The Spring 2018 UAB Doctoral Hooding Ceremony and Master's Student Commencement was held April 27 at the Bartow Arena. During the spring, 778 degrees were conferred, including 90 certificates, 607 masters/ EdS degrees, and 81 doctoral degrees. The Graduate School would like to congratulate all of the Spring 2018 graduates!

Hisham Abdelmotilib had always considered himself a consumer of knowledge. His thirst for discovery became even more apparent when he became a physician and he realized that knowledge could be used to change the health outcomes of his patients.


John Donnelly and Firooz Jahani were recently selected as recipients of the 2018 UAB Samuel B. Barker Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies.

“The Barker Award,” named for UAB’s first graduate dean, Dr. Samuel Booth Barker, is given each spring to one Ph.D. student and one Master’s student, both of whom expect to receive their degrees within the calendar year. The Barker Awards are given to graduate students who represent the highest level of student achievement in a UAB graduate program.

It all began with Ms. Sue.

Ms. Sue wasn’t famous, and she probably never set any world records. She didn’t have that exhilarating career that children typically dream of having. But for one young Vietnamese girl, a chance meeting with the kind nurse practitioner who worked at a small health clinic set her down a path that would shape the rest of her life.

Fall 2017 commencement ceremony.

The UAB Graduate School hosted its Fall 2017 Doctoral Hooding Saturday, December 16 at the Alys Stephens Center. During the fall 746 degrees were conferred, including 36 certificates, 584 masters/ EdS degrees, and 126 doctoral degrees.

Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine ...”.

These five words have been the foundation of one doctoral student’s research endeavors.

“Hippocrates didn’t just mean to eat, drink and be merry. He literally meant to let food be your medicine,” said 26-year-old Kendra Royston, a fifth-year Ph.D. student and graduate research assistant in biology. “Researchers are finding that what you eat and what is readily available in nature not only tastes good, but it also helps combat certain diseases. God says that what we need is in the land, so if we have a big laundry list of foods that are available to eat and we know they are beneficial, why aren’t we eating them?”