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Travel Pre-Approval Form

The travel pre-approval form is now completed in adobe sign. To complete the form you will have securely log in to the UAB network. Once you authenticate, you will have to populate the employee traveling and the supervisor information to start and complete the form.

Exceptions Out of State Travel

  • If a trip is fully covered by contract and grant funds, the Travel Pre-Approval Form is not required. However, a cost transfer for travel-related expenses to a VCS account will not be processed without this form.
  • If traveling outside of the state, the form is not required for athletic team travel, student recruiting travel, UAB prospective employee travel, and international travel.

Exceptions In State Travel (effective October 1, 2023)

  • If attending a conference in the Birmingham area (including Jefferson and Shelby County) where only the conference registration fee will be requested as an expense, we will not require the travel pre-approval form. Also, as mileage is outside of actual expense reimbursement, we would not require the form for reimbursement at the allowable rate. Please see the personal vehicle section of the employee domestic travel website for details on mileage. It should be noted that any unplanned expenses incurred such as parking while attending a conference in the metro area will be unallowable for reimbursement without the travel pre-approval form.
  • If an employee seeks reimbursement of actual expenses associated with in-state travel, state law does not provide an exception for pre-approval of travel. The exceptions referenced in the out of state travel section above are not applicable in this instance.

Contact: Financial Accounting, (205) 934-9330

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