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Innovate Together

UAB is preparing to unite technology talent from across the university campus into a new UAB IT, creating a comprehensive department that continues to be focused on empowering the UAB community with world-class technology resources and customer service.


UAB IT is undertaking this transition with intention and transparency. Our process is guided by these principles: 

Minimal disruption to the employment of departmental IT employees. 

Minimal disruption to IT services and support for faculty and staff. 

Collaboration to rationalize IT services and support to avoid duplication. 


Under the RCM model, IT services and support will be centralized, with the exception of client computers; cellular equipment and wireless services; digital signs; and, potentially, department-specific technology solutions. The benefits of centralized IT services include: 

Reduced IT costs 

Increased data security

Enterprise-level IT services and support  

How does this affect you?

  • I am departmental IT staff

    Every IT employee is important to this transition. If you are in a faculty- or staff-facing role, you are likely to continue to serve the same customers you currently serve, with backup from other UAB IT team members.

    You will benefit from the ticketing system and tools currently used by UAB IT and adhere to the same metrics.

    In most cases, you will transition to the UAB IT team during FY2024.

  • I am a faculty or staff member

    You will likely continue to interact with the same IT staff, with backup from other UAB IT team members. 

    Your first IT point of contact will be AskIT. When you need help, a technician may first try to fix your issue remotely, to get you back to work as quickly as possible. 

    You will benefit from the same metrics and tools that UAB IT currently uses.

  • I am a fiscal officer or HR representative

    IT staff in your unit, if they are being moved to IT, will move during FY2024. 

    Funds will be transferred to pay for staff during the initial year of transfer on a prorated basis. Going forward, funding will be allocated annually via the Innovate Together allocation during the budget cycle.


  • Which IT services are included?
    • IT Admin Fee 

    • Desktop Services 

    • Infrastructure (server support, storage, UABFile) 

    • Telecommunications (telephone and network only) 

    • Various institutional software such as Adobe, Zoom, Microsoft, etc. 

  • When will my unit be affected?

    UAB IT is in the beginning of the process to onboard units into central IT and will be able to communicate more about the timeline as the cycle progresses.