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Aligning with the Vision and Mission of the Organization

UAB IT has a clearly defined vision, mission and values, as well as a set of seven strategic imperatives that establish a clear direction, purpose, and benchmarks for success. Each fiscal year (October) we establish individual and team goals based on our strategic plan.

Because UAB is a world-class educational and research university, we know that UAB deserves a world-class information technology organization. Our individual and team goals support our mission and the IT Strategic Plan. Managers and employees will collaborate to establish goals at the beginning of each year.

IT SharePoint Site

IT SharePoint Site

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Performance Management App

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New Employees

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Individual Training Plans

Developing new skills is essential to your growth and success at UAB IT. As a standard policy, all employees have a training plan. Learning starts from day one, and we invest in your long-term development. Each employee has different needs for training, and each has different modes of training from which they can learn most successfully. Training plans should also support the goals set for the coming fiscal year by providing the necessary skills for the employee to achieve their goals. Managers and employees will collaborate to establish training plans at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Quarterly Review Meetings

To understand your goals and expectations in your role, you will have quarterly check-ins with your manager. Prior to these meetings, you should update your goals and training plan in SharePoint. The meetings are held the first two weeks of each quarter (October, Jan, April, July). These meetings are to ensure:

  • Expectations are clear.
  • Goals are on track.
  • Ample support is being provided.

Annual Performance Evaluations – Align Performance with Pay

UAB IT requires an annual performance evaluation for each employee.

Performance management consists of a performance evaluation which reviews what you do (performance goals), and how you do it (UAB Success Model and IT Critical Core Values). It should be noted that in an effort to be a world-class IT department, the IT performance management process raises the bar on performance and emphasizes continual improvement and employee development.

Employees in their current position on or before March of this year are eligible for merit raises. Any employee who receives one internal written warning during the fiscal year (Oct. 1-Sept. 30) may be eligible for a merit increase if the reporting manager advocates for the employee based on their annualized performance. The IT Executive Leadership Team will review these and notify IT Talent Management Office of any changes.

IT Talent Management

IT Talent Management serves UAB IT in all matters related to human resources, training and organizational development.

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