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Our commitment to fostering an inclusive campus

At UAB IT, what creates our competitive advantage and sets us apart from all others is our people. We know that what makes each individual different is their varied perspective that is based on the distinctive combination of their backgrounds and experiences. And when we combine those individuals, we create a unique team with the joint mission of propelling the university forward through technology. For that reason, UAB IT is intentional about fostering an inclusive workplace that supports each of our team members and their differences as well as an inclusive and welcoming environment for all campus partners, community partners, or all that comes in contact with UAB IT.

UAB IT supports the university’s shared values of diversity and inclusiveness and the strategic pillars of the UAB Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We follow the university’s Equal Opportunity and Discriminatory Harassment Policy, the UAB Code of Conduct, and all other policies and procedures set by the university in regards to diversity, equity, inclusion, and civility.

As an organization, UAB IT commits to fostering an inclusive workplace by:

  • Leveraging our diversity to produce better products and services to our customers across the university

  • Ensuring the design, implementation, and consistent execution of impartial internal policies, procedures, and practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Urging employees to share their ideas as valuable members of our team without fear of being disregarded or discounted

  • Cultivating an environment of civility where all employees, potential employees, customers, and campus or community partners are treated with respect and shows respect for each other

  • Providing a safe and open workplace where employees can speak openly about any inconsistencies in treatment or feelings of exclusion

  • Access & Success

    Enhance recruitment, retention and graduation rates of students from underrepresented populations. Increase recruitment, hiring, retention and promotion of faculty and staff from underrepresented populations.

  • Positive Campus Environment

    Improve and sustain a culture where students, faculty, staff, alumni community partners, friends and visitors feel included and supported.

  • Diversity Education

    Improve and increase diversity education and training opportunities to enhance cross-cultural competency and awareness for students, faculty, staff, and members of the community.

  • Communication

    Provide clear, cohesive and comprehensive communication regarding diversity, inclusion and equity to all university stakeholders.

  • Campus & Community Engagement

    Serve the campus and Birmingham community by seeking, establishing, strengthening and sustaining relationships with diverse groups, businesses, industry, organizations, institutions and community partners to advance and promote equity and inclusion.