Gastroenterology Ribbon CuttingPictured: Doug Morgan, M.D., MPH (Professor and Division Director) Kelley Williams, MSN, RN (Senior Director, Gastroenterology Service Line and Ambulatory Services), Rick Campbell, RN, (Nurse Manager), Sergio Sanchez-Luna, M.D., (Assistant Professor), and Kondal Kyanam, M.D., (Associate Professor and Director of Advanced Endoscopy) at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

On Tuesday, the UAB Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology celebrated a milestone accomplishment — opening two new state-of-the-art fluoroscopy suites located on the sixth floor of the Jefferson Tower building. The multimillion-dollar renovation provides 2D and 3D imaging, adds video live stream capabilities for training conferences, and expands much-needed capacity for treating more patients with advanced gastroenterological diseases. We look forward to seeing more exciting changes as additional phases of renovations continue.


More Good News for December 09, 2022

The New York Times reports that a thorough investigation of a patient's medical records led Tinsley Harrison Internal Medicine resident Matt Slief, M.D., (PGY-2) to discover a 15-year-old filter in the patient's vein that blocked blood flow and caused regularly fainting.

Andrew Duxbury, M.D., (Professor, GGPC) has published the second volume of "The Accidental Plague Diaries: A COVID-19 Pandemic Experience" which shares his insights into the COVID Pandemic. Both books are available on Amazon.

The UA System Board of Trustees appointed Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology faculty Harry Schroeder Jr., M.D., and Alexander Szalai, Ph.D., as Professor Emeriti to honor nearly 63 combined years of service.

In JCI Insight, Ravi Bhatia, M.D., (Professor, Hematology and Oncology) and colleagues identified a subpopulation of long-term hematopoietic stem cells marked with low c-Kit expression that are likely to develop into drug-resistant leukemia-initiating cells.

Merry-Lynn McDonald, Ph.D., (Associate Professor, Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine) discovered 10 novel osteoarthritis-associated genetic loci which could provide insight into the etiology of beneficial effects of antiepileptics on osteoarthritis pain.

Gaurav Jain, M.D., (Professor, Nephrology) was recognized in the American Journal of Managed Care for instituting the Kidney Care First Program at UAB which provides a value-based payment model for the care of patients with late-stage kidney disease.