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Iyer_Anand Tinsley Harrison Internal Medicine Residents and Primary Care Scholars Drs. David Heaner and Bria Carrithers 

Tinsley Harrison Internal Medicine Residents and 2022 Primary Care Scholars, Drs. David Heaner and Bria Carrithers are observing National Primary Care Week — a celebration that engages physicians-in-training, students across the health spectrum, and the public on the role of primary care in the health care system — by sharing their training experiences and vision for their future careers.

The DOM has partnered other departments across the Heersink School of Medicine to commemorate Primary Care Week. Make sure to follow @UABDeptMed on Twitter to join the conversation.

More Good News for September 30, 2022

Amit Mehta, M.D., (Associate Professor, Hematology & Oncology) administered advanced CAR T-cell therapy to a patient with a rare and aggressive cancer which resulted in remission for the patient in nearly six-months.

Vineeta Kumar, M.D., (Professor, Nephrology) joined the Medscape podcast "InDiscussion: Chronic Kidney Disease" to highlight the success of a recent pig-to-human xenotransplantation study.

Gretchen Winter, M.D., (Assistant Professor, Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care) joined UAB Medcast to discuss cystic fibrosis trans-membrane conductance regulator modulators, their impact on fertility, and family planning for patients with cystic fibrosis.

Ph.D. Student Keonte Graves, M.S., in the Division of Infectious Diseases aims to identify trichomonas vaginalis resistance targets to inform future drug development. Graves is mentored by Drs. Christina Muzny and Jan Novak.