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Rutsky R to L: Orlando Gutierrez, M.D., Seth Landefeld, M.D., Ed Rutsky, M.D., Anupum Agarwal, M.D.The Division of Nephrology held a special Festschrift celebration Wednesday in honor of Edwin "Ed" Rutsky, M.D. He invested nearly 52 years in medicine at UAB — 28 years as a nephrologist, and another 23 years as an internist. We reflect on his legacy and wish him all the best in his retirement.

More Good News for March 10, 2023

Lohr Named Chair of Board of Governors & Secretary for ACC

The American College of American Cardiology installed Nicole Lohr, M.D., Ph.D., (Professor & Director, CVD) as Chair of the ACC Board of Governors and ACC Secretary at their convocation on March 6.

Bacterial Co-infection in Patients with COVID Brings Serious Risk

DOM Faculty Drs. Amit Gaggar (PACCM) & Nathan Erdmann (Infectious Diseases) report that bacteremia is a major risk factor for death, intensive care unit admission and mechanical ventilation in patients with COVID-19.

Lee Selected Chief Healthcare Epidemiologist for UAB Medicine

Rachael Lee, M.D., (Associate Professor, Infectious Diseases) will ensure appropriate means of communication and management within UAB Medicine by developing Antimicrobial Stewardship and other infection prevention initiatives.

Shoreibah, Agarwal Join UAB MedCast to Discuss CTI

DOM faculty Drs. Mohamed Shoreibah and Gaurav Agarwal discuss the UAB Comprehensive Transplant Institute and treatment options available to help improve the quality of life for patients with chronic liver and kidney disease.