We know medical school is a serious commitment, and understanding how best to pay for your medical education and manage your budget is a key piece of the process. That’s why our Medical Student Financial Services leaders in the Office of Admissions & Enrollment Management work with accepted students to obtain funding and guide them through applications for scholarships, grants, and federal and private student loans.

We also work with medical students on personal budgeting and debt management in both a group setting through special seminars and in one-on-one counseling appointments. Learn more about Financial Wellness in the School of Medicine.

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Applying for Financial Aid

Am I eligible for financial aid?
Yes, you are eligible, but determining what level of aid is awarded is based on your FAFSA application.

How do I apply for financial aid?
Fill out your FAFSA application online. Designate UAB as the school to receive your FAFSA information.

You must include parental information on your application if you are under 26 (the previous policy was age 30). If you are under 26 and married, you are not required to submit parental information, but you are required to provide your spouse’s information on the FAFSA.

Including parental or spouse information is the policy of the UAB Financial Aid Office for determining the financial need for scholarships. If parental or spouse information is not included, you will not be considered for need-based scholarships.

Contact us

If you have questions about completing the FAFSA, please contact the La Shaundria Thomas at medschoolscholarship@uab.edu or 205-934-2332.


How and when do incoming first-year medical students apply for scholarships?
Newly admitted students are considered for scholarships based on their admissions application and are not required to complete a scholarship application, unless otherwise noted.

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