Diploma Policy

Original Issue Date

The University of Alabama School of Medicine-UAB issues one original diploma upon completion of all MD curriculum requirements met by a specified diploma date, either in fall, spring, or summer of the academic year. The diploma is issued in the legal name of the student at the time of graduation.


Graduates may request a replacement diploma be reissued when a sufficient reason is shown. Acceptable reasons for reissue would include loss due to natural events or other reasons beyond one's control. Reissue will require notarized documentation of the reason, identification of the requestor and return of the original issue if possible. The approval to issue a replacement diploma will be determined by both the Registrar and Dean of the School. Reissued diplomas will be ordered at the next scheduled fall, spring or summer order date following approval.


A replacement diploma will be reproduced in the same format and style as the most current diploma being issued. The replacement will be reissued in the same name as the original. It will contain the appropriate school seal and signatures. All replacement diplomas will contain an authorized reissue statement and date at the bottom.


When a replacement diploma is reproduced and signed it will be sent registered, return receipt mail, or can be picked up in the Academic Records Office of the school.


A diploma replacement fee will be assessed to cover the reproduction and mailing expenses.

Affidavit for Replacement Diploma

Approved April 4, 2001 by William B. Deal, MD, Dean of the University of Alabama School of Medicine