Student Life

These guidelines and procedures are used by Medical Student Services and the Office of Student Success related to student life, student extracurriclar activities, students who wish to run for office, and guidance for student group activities. 

Vetting students who apply for office

Students who go on voluntary LOA and involvement in extracurricular activities

Guidelines for student fundraisers

Guidelines for giveaways, raffles, auctions, and pools

Guidelines for ordering SOM merchandise

MSS reponse to non-SOM difficult, tragic, and disturbing events

Student space in Volker

The School of Medicine is a member of the UAB community and must abide by all UAB policies that pertain to all UAB citizens. Policies of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa may differ from those of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Students should contact the SOM on that campus for specific information on any policy differences.