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Purpose: To provide guidance for students and/or student groups who want to hold fundraisers sponsored by or associated with the UAB Heersink School of Medicine
Office or Individual Responsible for Implementing: Office of Student Success
Applies to: All medical students, including those on LOA. This also applies to student organizations, student advisory groups, and student government. Note: These guidelines will be understood to apply to any student group or initiative that represents the school either implicitly or explicitly.


Students and/or student organizations may hold fundraising events to support UAB and Heersink School of Medicine charities and initiatives, as well as non-UAB and non-Heersink School of Medicine charities and initiatives related to the work and/or interest of the organization and its members. 

Student fees are provided to student groups to support their activities by the Funding Allocation Board.  The following guidelines must be followed when planning and executing fundraisers by students or student organizations that are supported by student fee money.  In addition, students must follow this guidance to ensure compliance with UAB policies and procedures. 


  • Fundraisers are events for which the operating funds should be raised, either from the members of the sponsoring organization or from outside entities, persons, and/or organizations. 
    • This definition will be applied to those initiatives and/or events not labeled as a fundraiser but which would be reasonably understood to have the characteristics and function of a fundraiser.
  • Money received via the Funding Allocation Board (i.e. student fee money) may not be used to purchase supplies for fundraisers.
    • Example #1: The Cardiology Interest Group cannot use funds received via the Funding Allocation Board to purchase sweatshirts, then sell the sweatshirts and deposit the profits into their on-campus or off-campus account.
    • Example #2: The Global Health Interest Group cannot use funds received via the Funding Allocation Board to purchase food for an international dinner, charge those who attend a fee to eat, and give the money collected to a charity or other cause/initiative.
  • Students or student organizations wishing to solicit donations from sources outside the Heersink School of Medicine must contact the Office of Student Success staff in Medical Student Services for advising and UAB policies regarding marketing and development. 

Additional information

For a listing of appropriate uses of student fee monies, see the Student Organization Handbook.


Created: March 2018
Implemented: April 2018
Updated: December 2020
To be reviewed:
December 2023

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