Inflammation, infection, and immunity (I3) impact almost all diseases studied and treated at UAB. I3 integrates the expertise and resources at UAB to build unified, interdisciplinary programs in inflammation-based fundamental and clinical research.

In basic science, I3 defines the fundamental mechanisms regulating inflammation in all organ systems and in response to stimuli beyond infection and emphasizes a comprehensive (systems biology) approach to studying inflammation. I3 integrates technology to characterize inflammatory responses across multiple tissues and disease states.

In translational science, I3 enhances our ability to rapidly translate the data on fundamental mechanisms into clinical interventions to prevent, treat, and modulate inflammation in the settings of disease, vaccination, and therapy, emphasizing personalized and population-based approaches to treatment. I3 research translates into clinical trials that span multiple disease settings. I3 integrates data to develop personalized inflammatory signatures across multiple tissues and disease states and across different patient populations