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Chandler, Kelly, M.D.

KChandlerBWHometown: Huntsville, AL

Undergraduate: UAB | Birmingham, AL

Medical School: UAB Heersink School of Medicine | Birmingham, AL

Why I Chose UAB: As a UAB alumnus, I got to know the program well over my four years in medical school. I was consistently impressed by the camaraderie and surgical skills of the residents. UAB offers a well-rounded, high-volume surgical experience that prepares residents well for practice. I knew that I’d be well-trained here and get to work with great people, so UAB was an easy choice for me!


Desforges, Allison, M.D.

KChandlerBWHometown: Covington, LA

Undergraduate: Louisiana State University | Baton Rouge, LA 

Medical School: LSU School of Medicine | Shreveport, LA

Why I Chose UAB: My biggest draw to this program was how welcomed I felt and how well I got along with the residents as a rotating medical student. Now, I love how often we get together as a program whether that be for journal club, social hour after conference, or monthly bible study. In addition, I was very impressed with the case volume and how well-developed each subspecialty rotation is. Most importantly, this gave me confidence that I will leave this program extremely well-trained in all areas of the field and prepared to enter practice. 


Krout, Jeffrey 'Clay', M.D.

KChandlerBWHometown: Cullman, AL

Undergraduate: University of Alabama | Tuscaloosa, AL

Medical School: South Alabama College of Medicine | Mobile, AL

Why I Chose UAB: I wanted a well-rounded program where all subspecialties were well represented and where there was a high volume of orthopedic trauma. After rotating at UAB as a medical student it was clear that UAB Ortho excelled in these areas. My choice was made even easier after getting to know the residents and seeing firsthand how competent they were at understanding and managing orthopedic pathology. The residents at UAB were some of the most tight-knit, friendly, and hardworking residents I had seen anywhere. Birmingham also makes for a great place to live, work, and play. I believed and continue to believe that UAB provides me with the tools I need to excel as a surgeon, and surrounds me with some of the best co-residents in the country.


Strother, Ellyn, M.D.

KChandlerBWHometown: North Augusta, SC

Undergraduate: University of South Carolina | Columbia, SC

Medical School: Medical College of Georgia | Augusta, GA

Why I Chose UAB: When I rotated here as a student, I was impressed by the camaraderie and teamwork among the residents. In addition, UAB has a diverse caseload, providing a well-rounded training experience. I have no doubt that UAB will lay a solid foundation for my career in orthopedic surgery!


Sankey, Matthew 'Turner', M.D.

KChandlerBWHometown: Mobile, AL

Undergraduate: The University of Alabama | Tuscaloosa, AL

Medical School: South Alabama College of Medicine | Mobile, AL

Why I Chose UAB: UAB offers an excellent, well-rounded training program where you are surrounded by faculty and co-residents who are invested in your growth. I know after graduating, I will be able to handle any situation I may encounter in my own practice. To top it off, Birmingham is a great city. It hosts numerous events, live music, and activities that will keep you entertained during your free time. There is always something to do, regardless of what you are interested in. 


Wilson, Anthony, M.D.

KChandlerBWHometown: Long Island, New York

Undergraduate: Stony Brook University | Long Island, New York

Medical School: UAB Heersink School of Medicine | Birmingham, AL

Why I Chose UAB: UAB Orthopedics stood out not only for its academic excellence but also for the remarkable camaraderie among co-residents and staff. The supportive and collaborative environment here fosters growth not just as a physician but as a team member. This sense of community was a compelling factor in my choice to join the UAB family for my residency.