Dr. Addison Cimino

Hometown: Huntsville, AL

Undergraduate: Auburn University; Auburn, AL

Medical School: UAB

Why I Chose UAB: I chose UAB for residency because I was fortunate enough to be a medical student here and got to see and work with the finished product in the fifth-year residents.

Dr. Pearce Lane

Hometown: Marietta, GA

Undergraduate: University of Georgia; Athens, GA

Medical School: Medical College of Georgia

Why I Chose UAB: When asking residents and attendings from my home program about which programs they regarded most highly, UAB was always on their lists.

Dr. Rush Jones

Hometown: Dothan, AL

Undergraduate: Auburn University; Auburn, AL

Medical School: UAB Heersink School of Medicine; Birmingham, AL

Why I Chose UAB: After my first rotation with the orthopedic team at UAB, I knew that I wanted to stay here for several reasons. First, the residents and faculty are all extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and hard-working people that consistently inspired me to be both a better person and physician.

Dr. Travis Fortin

Hometown: Pass Christian, MS

Undergraduate: University of Mississippi; Oxford, MS

Medical School: University of Mississippi Medical Center; Jackson, MS

Why I Chose UAB: UAB stood out as my first choice for residency due to the fellowship matches, operative volume and balanced training, and the program’s culture. UAB consistently matched residents into top fellowships with many of the same fellowships matching residents again from subsequent classes.

Dr. Austin Atkins

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL

Undergraduate: The University of Alabama; Tuscaloosa, AL

Medical School: The University of South Alabama College of Medicine; Mobile, AL

Why I Chose UAB: When looking for the right residency program, I wanted a place that offered excellent clinical opportunities, a high-volume operative experience, and a great sense of camaraderie amongst the residents and faculty. UAB certainly meets all of these criteria, making it an excellent place to train.

Dr. Katie Frith

Hometown: Kaplan, LA

Undergraduate: University of Louisiana at Lafayette; Lafayette, LA

Medical School: LSU Health Sciences- Shreveport; Shreveport, LA

Why I Chose UAB: I could see how close the residents were and how much they genuinely enjoyed working with each other, as well as with faculty & staff. I also love the Birmingham area and the amount of places there are to eat and explore.