Dr. Mitchell Messner

Hometown: Hutchinson, MN

Undergraduate: Corncordia College; Moorhead, MN

Medical School: University of North Dakota; Grand Forks, ND

Why I Chose UAB: I immediately felt a strong sense of community amongst the residents when I first visited UAB. I was very impressed with the autonomy the residents had, as well as the volume of cases and operative experience. The faculty are genuinely interested in the lives of the residents on both an educational and personal level. These factors provide a unique, highly supportive educational environment that I did not experience at any of the other programs I considered.

Dr. Kevin Wall

Hometown: Winchester, MA

Undergraduate: College of the Holy Cross; Worcester, MA

Medical School: Duke University; Durham, NC

Why I Chose UAB: I chose UAB because of the people, the clinical experience and the city. There is an amazing deal of collegiality among the residents, and the attendings are among the most approachable that I have ever met. Operatively, UAB affords residents a high degree of autonomy, which I believe is the best way to learn. Lastly, I really enjoy Birmingham and all that it has to offer, socially.

Dr. Alex Roszman

Hometown: Findlay, OH

Undergraduate: The Ohio State University; Columbus, OH

Medical School: University Toledo; Toledo, OH

Why I Chose UAB: The opportunities provided by UAB’s Orthopaedic Surgery Residency are exceptional. The faculty’s interest in the success of residents, as well as the institution’s resources and facilities, set UAB apart. I immediately felt at home with the residents and faculty during my visit. There was a clear sense of camaraderie within the program. Additionally, Birmingham is a wonderful place to live and work.

Dr. Andrew S. McGee

Hometown: Mobile, AL

Undergraduate: Auburn University; Auburn, AL

Medical School: UAB Heersink School of Medicine; Birmingham, AL

Why I Chose UAB: I chose UAB because the program fosters an environment of genuine, strong relationships among co-residents and attendings who motivate and educate each other to continually improve the care they provide and the field of orthopaedics as a whole. Furthermore, UAB offers great hands-on operative experience with tremendous volume to ensure the development of well-rounded and proficient surgeons.

Dr. Hank Debell

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL

Undergraduate: University of Alabama; Tuscaloosa, AL

Medical School: UAB Heersink School of Medicine; Birmingham, AL

Why I Chose UAB: The residents at UAB were the most cohesive and fun group to work with during my medical school rotations. The excellent clinical experience and operative volume makes UAB an ideal place to train, and the faculty are great to work with. Birmingham is a great city and will be a fun place to live for five years.

Dr. Will Davis

Hometown: Montgomery, AL

Undergraduate: Princeton University; Princeton, NJ

Medical School: UAB Heersink School of Medicine; Birmingham, AL

Why I Chose UAB: UAB offers comprehensive training, combining high-volume operative experience with ample academic opportunities in all orthopaedic subspecialties. Beyond the training itself, UAB's resident camaraderie is unsurpassed, creating a truly enjoyable work environment.