Brent ConeHometown: Roswell, GA

Undergraduate: University of Georgia; Athens; GA

Medical School: Medical College of Georgia; Augusta, GA 

Why I chose UAB: The collaborative atmosphere of the program. The residents support one another across the board, and enjoy spending time with each other in and out of the hospital. All subspecialties are represented by multiple, approachable faculty members that emphasize learning by doing. Also, Birmingham is a solid place to spend 5 years with a great food, beer and music scene. 


Yvonne ChodabaHometown: Huntsville, AL

Undergraduate: Auburn University; Auburn, AL 

Medical School: UAB Heersink School of Medicine; Birmingham, AL  

Why I chose UAB: I chose UAB because of the diversity and high volume of surgical experiences it offers and the genuine camaraderie amongst residents and faculty.  Hands-on involvement in surgical cases and patient care covering all subspecialties in one location created my ideal learning environment. Throughout my various rotations at UAB, I consistently witnessed mentorship, encouragement, friendship, and teaching amongst all levels of residents and faculty that is very unique. I believe that the people we work with and the people who train/mentor us ultimately play a role in shaping the type of surgeon we become. This belief played a very important role in my decision to complete my training at UAB.


Ryan McLynnHometown: Johns Creek, GA

Undergraduate: University of Georgia; Athens, GA 

Medical School: Yale School of Medicine; New Haven, CT  

Why I chose UAB: I chose UAB because it provides an incredibly balanced and resident-centered training. The program has high expectations from the first day on the job but provides broad clinical exposure and a great balance of autonomy and mentorship in order to succeed. Faculty are serious about teaching, and research opportunities are in available across a variety of subspecialties and interests. The residents enjoy coming to work each day and genuinely enjoy spending time together in and outside of the hospital.


Walt SmithHometown: Mobile, AL

Undergraduate: University of Alabama; Tuscaloosa, AL 

Medical School: UAB Heersink School of Medicine; Birmingham, AL

Why I chose UAB: UAB offers an incredible operative experience with high volume among all sub-specialties, as well as plenty of opportunities for research. However, what ultimately made me want to stay at UAB was the camaraderie amongst the residents and faculty. Additionally, Birmingham is great place to live and work. 

Matthew HessHometown: Augusta, GA

Undergraduate: University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Medical School: UAB Heersink School of Medicine; Birmingham, AL

Why I chose UAB: It was very apparent early and throughout my time as a medical student at UAB, that the program embodies a unique, collegial atmosphere. The residents are a family and are supportive and passionate about educating one another while taking great care of patients. UAB also offers high operative volume and case diversity. Graduated autonomy produces residents who can confidently and proficiently treat any patient. I loved my time in Birmingham and was eager to continue to explore this hidden gem of a city.

Megan LamekaHometown: Cedartown, GA

Undergraduate: Shorter University; Rome, GA

Medical School: Medical College of Georgia; Augusta, GA 

Why I chose UAB: The two main reasons that I chose UAB were the people and the operative experience. The camaraderie between the residents was unlike anywhere else. The faculty and staff are approachable, great to work with, and make it evident that resident education is a high priority. Every rotation has a high volume of cases that allows for the graduating residents to leave with the skill, confidence, and capability to pursue community practice or any fellowship of their choice.