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Dr. Rush Jones

Hometown: Dothan, AL

Undergraduate: Auburn University; Auburn, AL

Medical School: UAB Heersink School of Medicine; Birmingham, AL

Why I Chose UAB: After my first rotation with the orthopedic team at UAB, I knew that I wanted to stay here for several reasons. First, the residents and faculty are all extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and hard-working people that consistently inspired me to be both a better person and physician.

The operative experience at UAB is also incredible with high volume and complex cases. Lastly, I have loved living in Birmingham for the last several years and couldn’t picture anywhere that I would enjoy living more than here

Medical Areas of Interests: Trauma, joints, sports, global health

Research: Publications on PubMed

Interests/Hobbies: soccer, golf, hiking, traveling, reading, Auburn sports, bird hunting