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If you are looking for a potential mentor, the following people have agreed to help you find the right person for you. Please contact someone from the list below with your research interests and they will try to assist you in identifying a possible mentor candidate.

Basic Research:    
Namasivayam Ambalavanan      ambal@uab.edu Neonatology
Randy Cron rcron@peds.uab.edu Rheumatology
Reed Dimmitt rdimmitt@peds.uab.edu Neonatology/GI
Clinical Research:    
David Askenazi          daskenazi@peds.uab.edu Nephrology
Tim Beukelman             tbeukelman@peds.uab.edu      Rheumatology
Leon Dure ldure@peds.uab.edu Neurology
David Kimberlin dkimberlin@peds.uab.edu Infectious Disease
Kathy Monroe kmonroe@peds.uab.edu Emergency Medicine
Joe Philips jphilips@peds.uab.edu Neonatology
 Hussein Abdullatif  habdullatif@peds.uab.edu Endocrinology
 Ann Klasner  aklasner@peds.uab.edu Emergency Medicine
 Michele Nichols  mnichols@peds.uab.edu Emergency Medicine
 Marjorie Lee White  mlwhite@peds.uab.edu Simulation 
 J.R. Hartig  jhartig@uab.edu Medicine
 Scott L. Phillips  slpmusic@uab.edu Medicine/Center for Teaching & Learning
Public Health:    
Robin Lanzi  rlanzi@uab.edu Public Health