“I was proud to be one of the first Module Directors to add a service-learning component to a course. Providing diabetes education out in the community is not only a practical way for students to serve others, it also reinforces what we’re teaching in the Endocrinology course, with the additional emphasis on how to communicate these challenging topics in language that patients best understand.” - Shawn Galin, M.D.

Faculty support is an integral part of the service learning offerings in the School of Medicine. We are thankful for the partnerships with numerous SOM faculty, and we welcome interest from other faculty who are considering adding a service-learning component to their course.

Why add a service learning component to your course?

  • Get students excited about the subjects you teach
  • Inspire students to read more on their own
  • Help students understand how your course content applies to real patients, in “real-word” situations
  • Help students learn to translate your course content using language patients can understand
  • Help people in our community who struggle with the medical issues you teach about
  • Students love it!

Interested in learning more about the pedagogy of service learning?

UAB’s Office of Service Learning and Undergraduate Research welcomes applications for their Faculty Fellows in Engaged Scholarship from professors around campus. Past School of Medicine Faculty Fellows include Anne Zinski, PhD (2014-15) and Caroline Harada, MD (2016-17).