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Freshman Year Experience (FYE)

FYE courses are the gateway to undergraduate education at UAB.

FYE courses improve student success by helping to bridge the gap between high school experiences and university expectations and enhance successful progression towards graduation by establishing the foundations for academic achievement and holistic development.

Students interested in the field of nursing are encouraged to take the School of Nursing FYE course (NUR100).

The areas of focus include academic skill preparation, orientation to the UAB campus, and the profession of nursing. Students explore their personal and professional strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the pursuit of a degree in nursing through various assessment and university activities.

What do students gain from this course?

  • An understanding of the nursing profession.
  • An introduction to the various nursing career fields.
  • A critical analysis of topics with emphasis on nursing related areas.
  • Review of successful academic skills and habits.
  • Exposure to curricular and co-curricular opportunities.
  • The understanding of university policies and procedures.
  • Opportunity to network with faculty, fellow classmates and upper-class students.
  • The understanding of pre-nursing requirements.
  • Awareness of involvement and leadership opportunities.

Students in the nursing FYE course also are offered an opportunity to shadow a nurse at UAB Hospital as well as spend a day in the school's state of the art simulation labs where they are introduced to health screening skills.