Practice makes perfect...

when learning to care for our precious babies and mothers. Today, nursing’s best practice becomes possible through the safest, most effective teaching technique currently available to students—simulation. It is integral to the modern-day education of neonatal nurses who must act swiftly, decisively, and skillfully while caring for the tiniest of babies. When seconds count, a well-prepared nurse can save a struggling infant’s life. To ensure that UAB nurses continue to be at the top of their profession, the Junior Board of Visitors (JBOV) is dedicating proceeds from the 2015 No-Show Ball toward a dedicated state-of-the-art maternal-fetal simulation suite in the planned building expansion. The suite will impart the skills and confidence students need to successfully care for newborns and mothers.

Please join us in making a meaningful difference in the future of babies and mothers by helping meet our fundraising goal of $75,000.

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