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Nationally, nurse visited mothers and babies have:

  • Decreases in prenatal cigarette smoking
  • Fewer hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
  • Fewer closely-spaced subsequent pregnancies
  • Improved diet
  • Fewer preterm births
  • More mothers breastfeeding at 6 months
  • More infants immunized at 6 months
  • Reductions in child abuse and neglect
  • Reduction in health-care encounters for injuries
  • Improved school readiness
  • Reduction in use of government assistance
  • Greater employment for the mothers
  • Increase in father presence and partner stability
  • Jametta
  • Alexus
  • “It’s opened a lot of doors for me, including providing resources for jobs. This has given me a lot of helpful information. We get to talk about a lot, and then I share that information with people I know who have babies or are pregnant. Charlotte was very helpful (throughout my pregnancy), and I know it will continue to be helpful to have someone to talk to instead of Google.” -Jametta
  • “This partnership is a lot easier. I don’t have to always call the pediatrician when I have a question, and I have had a lot of questions. I didn’t expect this to be so hands-on, but it has been nice to know Brandy since before Aria was here. It’s like we’ve grown at the same time.” -Alexus

Since 2017, the Nurse-Family Partnership of Central Alabama:

  • Had over 600 successful births
  • Expanded to 8 counties, with plans for 27 more over the next 5 years
  • Fewer closely-spaced subsequent pregnancies
  • Added psychiatric and mental health resources for mothers
  • Connected mothers-to-be and new mothers to employment resources
  • Decreased pre-term birth rates below the national and Jefferson County averages

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