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Photo of a boy being handed a practice doll as part of a training inatitiave

Pathway to Professional Nursing is a novel partnership between the UAB School of Nursing and Birmingham City Schools developed to address the nursing workforce shortage in Birmingham and throughout the state of Alabama. The program will also increase much needed diversity in the nursing workforce which has been shown to be a key factor in decreasing health disparities.

The program is Co-Directed by Health Science Faculty from Birmingham City Schools and undergraduate faculty from the UAB School of Nursing. Students enter the program in the 9th grade and follow a plan of rigorous plan of study that will prepare them for a challenging nursing curriculum. In addition to advanced academics, students will receive mentoring from professional nurses and students from UAB. Over their breaks they will participate in immersive academic activities that will expose them to patient care, science courses, and nursing research.

Upon graduation from Pathway to Professional Nursing, students will have completed the necessary course that will allow them sit for the National Healthcareer Association Patient Care Technician/Assistant exam. With this credential, students will be able to enter the healthcare workforce and supplement their college tuition while continuing to be socialized in healthcare and nursing.