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Faculty practicing their clinical skills

Thank you to the Daniel Foundation of Alabama who, in 2014, partnered with the UAB School of Nursing to launch the Graduate Nursing Education Primary Care Scholars (GENPCS) Initiative. By generously funding this initiative, they supported the School of Nursing with one of our strategic priorities and goals: improving health care access and outcomes for all Alabamians.

The activities supported by the Daniel Foundation of Alabama forged a new path for nurse practitioners by building a specialized program that prepared Scholars to become leaders in primary are in rural health. Key goals of the initiative were to provide 1) focused training for Nurse Practitioners in primary care for underserved, rural populations in Alabama, and 2) support for exiting Nurse Practitioners.

Monthly webinars continue to be offered for professional development. The topics are based on feedback from community partners and continue to evolve each year. These webinars are offered live and archived for Nurse Practitioners and students to view as needed. You can learn more on our Graduate Nursing Education Primary Care Scholars webpage.