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Photo of a student using a computer

It is important that you prepare your computer to be configured properly while using Canvas. Please use the information below to make adjustments to your computer.

There are four main sections to verifying that your computer is properly configured - Recommended Computer Requirements, Browser Setup, Zoom and Microsoft Office 365.

Recommended Computer Requirements

computer with a headsetYour computer is a vital piece of equipment that needs to meet the recommended standards to ensure an optimal experience and reduce technology problems throughout your time at the School of Nursing. Below are the recommended systems for use in your course work.

  Minimum Recommended Recommended
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 11 macOS 10.11 or higher
Processor Intel i3 (2GHz or higher) Intel i5 or higher M1 or higher
Memory (RAM) 4GB 8GB or higher 8GB or higher
Graphics Integrated 2GB or higher Integrated
Storage 256GB HDD 7200rpm 256GB SSD or larger 256GB SSD or larger
Display 13-in., Resolution
(1280 x 960) or higher
Resolution FHD
(1920 x 1080) or higher
Resolution FHD
(1920 x 1080) or higher
Networking Wireless card Wireless card Wireless card
Misc Nursing recommends a 13-16in. display
Headsets are required for Distance Accessible Courses
NOTE: Chromebooks are NOT supported for testing in remote learning.

For more information about recommended computers and the options available for purchase, please visit TechConnect, UAB’s on-campus tech store.

Browser Setup

image of the four major browser logosBecause it's built using web standards, Canvas runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any other device with a modern web browser. Canvas supports the last two versions of every browser release.

For a list of supported Browsers, please refer to the Canvas Guide for Browsers.

NOTE: Safari 13.1 contains an update that may cause issues with downloading files, chat alerts, and displaying images in Canvas. Canvas engineers are currently working on a solution for this issue. Until then, you can avoid errors with files and images by disabling cross-site tracking prevention in Safari when using Canvas.

Zoom Information

image of the Zoom logoZoom is a platform of tools that provides synchronous video and audio interaction, display, and collaborative tools for online and blended courses.

To access Zoom within Canvas, first ensure that you have created your account at https://uab.zoom.us, then click on the “Zoom” link located on the left navigation panel of your course.

For more information on setting up your Zoom account please see the guides on the Zoom Tutorials page.

To test your connection prior to joining please the Zoom Test Meeting page.

Microsoft Office 365

image of the Microsoft Office logoMicrosoft Office is the UAB campus supported office document software and is required for all documents submitted within your distance accessible courses.

Microsoft Office is a suite of applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access (for creating databases). In an effort to better serve our students UAB has moved all student email from UAB's central Exchange system to Microsoft's Office 365 system.

This change not only upgrades your @UAB email account but will also provide access to new features such as Microsoft Office (download), OneDrive web storage and web apps

To access Office 365, use your BlazerID and password at http://office365.ad.uab.edu.