The Office of Research & Scholarship

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Who We Are

The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing, through the Office of Research & Scholarship (ORS), is committed to a leading role in nursing and healthcare research and scholarship through diverse funding mechanisms including the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, Health Services Research Administration, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Veterans Administration Nursing Academy, and Komen for the Cure among others. Further, the School of Nursing and the ORS are committed to excellence in building collaborative partnership initiatives within the academic health science center at UAB and in establishing other innovative partnerships that advance our mission related to education, research and scholarship, and professional service/practice. Integral to all aspects of the CORS are faculty, students, and staff. Developing and supporting the next generation of nurse scientists, educators, and scholars that create and improve tomorrow is a central part of the ORS's mission.

What We Do

The Office of Research & Scholarship provides leadership and oversight for the following initiatives:

  • Provision of a well-established and solid administrative infrastructure by which to seek out and secure funding among novice to seasoned SON investigators
  • Guidance with the preparation of research proposals and submissions
  • Serve as a liaison/point of contact with the UAB Office of Sponsored Research Programs and the external funding agencies
  • Guidance in pre-award and post-award grant and project management
  • Provide development enrichment programs to support faculty across the School's missions

Since 1979, the ORS/CNR has actively engaged in facilitating those research partnerships and continues into the present-day in by supporting our faculty as leaders in nursing research and scholarship. The SON faculty are partners in a wide scope of inter-disciplinary research including, but not limited to, interventions to improve transitional care in chronic illness, interventions to improve outcomes via health education/promotion, tele-health interventions in disease management and health promotion, reduction of obesity in children and adolescents, patient safety strategies to improve the practice environment, and partnerships for education research coordination.

Ever mindful to stay focused on our vision - to be a dynamic and innovative research leaders, the leadership and staff within the ORS strive to be responsive to the needs of our faculty and to assist in creating partnerships that results in the successful conduct of the research and to raise the quality of health care while expanding the educated nursing workforce in Alabama and worldwide.

As we look ahead to the next few years- we will be working towards fulfilling the goals of our 2012-2017 strategic plan;

  • To Expand mechanisms to recognize and celebrate the scholarship of faculty, students, alumni, and partners
  • Increase leadership roles of UAB Nursing faculty in UWIRCs
  • Recruit and retain faculty with established programs of research

We invite you to spend some time exploring our website and getting to know us!
Karen Meneses, PhD, RN, FAAN
Professor and Associate Dean for Research

Office of the Associate Dean

Associate Dean for Research

Karen Meneses, PhD, RN, FAAN
(205) 934-0614

The Office of Research & Scholarship

  • Provides administrative support to the Associate Dean for Research
  • Coordinates and schedules Grant Planning Meetings and Mock Review Session
  • Coordinates and schedules travel accommodations for guests, and compiles reports for the Cancer Control and Population Sciences Program
  • Processes payments for reimbursement, orders supplies and equipment for ORS
  • Primary contact for daily operations of the Office of Research and Scholarship

Program Administrator II

Angel Bailey
(205) 934-0614

Special Projects

  • Works closely with the Associate Dean for Research, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs and Partnerships  and the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Participates in mock reviews
  • Edits and proof reads both grants and manuscripts for grammar, style, etc. Documents must be in the final stage of preparation
  • Supports Ph.D. students in preparation of NRSA (F30, F31) for pre-doctoral funding
  • Involved in pre-award planning meetings to discuss HRSA “guidances” and approach to application
  • Assists in preparation of HRSA narratives and tables
  • Assists with annual HRSA performance reports
  • Organizes monthly HRSA team meetings to assist with grant application strategies and grant management

Jennifer Frank, PhD
(205) 975-9423

ORS Administration

  • Provides grant consultation, writing, and editorial consultation to faculty
  • Provides guidance on IRB and human subject research to faculty
  • Provide one-on-once grant consultation to faculty
  • Reviews grants for faculty in mock reviews
  • Coordinates and review PORFs for the faculty
  • Reports center activities to the faculty
  • Assists the ORS Director on center-related activities

Director of Research & Scholarly Development

David Vance, PhD, MGS

PhD Program Director

Karen Heaton, PhD, FNP-BC, FAAN



Grants Admin

 Grant Award Management

  • Assists the OSP in the execution of a sponsored award
  • Assigns ORS Annex space for Federal awards and coordinating signage, phone, and computer support
  • Provides consultation on budget management, addressing purchasing questions or issues, monitoring effort, and facilitating participant incentive documents and wire transfers
  • Interacts with sponsoring organizations as necessary for prior approval requests such as carry-forward, no cost extensions, revised budgets, and change of PI/PD through hard copy or electronic medium
  • Coordinates fiscal monitoring meetings with the PI/PD, senior project staff, and project managers on an as needed basis
  • Monitors research compliance to ensure certifications are updated
  • Coordinates with the Office of Institutional Compliance
  • Identifies expenditures as direct or indirect costs and assisting with cost transfers
  • Coordinates post-award creation through OSP and the Office of Grant and Contract Accounting
  • Provides faculty and staff ongoing grants and contracts administration education
  • Processes performance reports and renewals
  • Processes and coordinates award close-out documents with OSP and Grant and Contract Accounting

Director of Grants & Contracts Administration

Frank Wiser, MPA  
(205) 934-3812

Grant Proposal Submission Management

  • Works under the direction of the Director of Grants & Contracts Administration
  • Attends pre-award planning meetings to discuss approach, personnel, budget, aims/objectives, and sponsor guidelines 
  • Prepares submission timelines
  • Prepares documents in coordination with the PI/PD and in compliance with established UAB and sponsor guidelines in preparation for timely hard copy/electronic proposal submission
  • Prepares budget in coordination with the PI/PD applying appropriate institutional fiscal policies
  • Interprets sponsor guideline language that may be confusing, ambiguous, or contradictory 
  • Coordinates proposal submission with the UAB Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Grants & Contracts Administration Program Manager II

Sheila Wallace, MBA
(205) 975-9497


   Human Resource Management

  • Assists with the recruitment and hiring for the SON and  ORS
  • Assists with the personnel reporting processes for the SON and ORS
  • Management and supervision of personnel resources
  • Provides, guidance and support related to human resources issues
  • Facilitates position development and employee development
  • Manages employee payrolls and leave
  • Manages necessary and relevant certifications of licensure and training for SON faculty and staff
  • Maintains tracking databases and oracle documents to ensure currency and accuracy in reporting
  • Administers the human resources functions involved with hiring and managing research staff

Personnel Generalist

Roland Harris, BS
(205) 975-3526

ORS Manager

ORS Program Manager & Communications Manager

  • Manages day-to-day operations of the ORS
  • Develops and manages professional development and enrichment programs
  • Serves as web master for the research pages
  • Serves as site administrator for SharePoint site
  • Works closely with the AD for Research and Director of Grants and Contracts Administration to improve procedures and processes
  • Develops content for dissemination of research and center activities  
  • Works closely with the SON Director of Marketing to disseminate information regarding research and center activities  

Program Manager II

Lauren Antia, BS 
(205) 934-2145

Stats Services

ORS  Statisticians

  • Design and write quantitative analysis sections for grant proposals, including justification of sample sizes
  • Provide consultation on quantitative data analysis for manuscripts and posters or general questions
  • Provide statistical support to faculty grant proposals and applications
  • Mock review of grant proposals from SON faculty and doctoral students

Program Director for Statistics

Andres Azuero, PhD, MBA
(205) 996-9441

ORS Statistician

Dheeraj Raju, PhD, MS, MSIE
(205) 975-5336