UAB SON Student Holds

The following site contains the steps necessary to remove a School of Nursing holds (HOLD CODE = NS):

An example of a student hold (check Blazernet for your holds):

NS Contact Schl Nursing 975-7529 ADMINISTRATOR 25-Jun-2016 31-Dec-2099 EXAMPLE
NEEDS **description of hold reason
**Check your Blazernet account
(Click on the links below for explanation on method to remove your registration hold)


HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act training

Reason Recurrence

Follow the steps below to complete HIPAA training:

***If you have taken HIPAA training with another healthcare institution, you will need to retake it through UAB’s Learning Management System (LMS) in order to complete the requirement and receive credit.

To access the HIPAA training go to This will take you to the (LMS) Learning Management System.

  • Click the green box in the middle of the page labeled “Learning System”
  • Login using your BlazerID/Username and Password
  • Click on “To Do”
  • In your Student Assignments you will be given 2 options – UAB/UABHS HIPAA On-Line Training and UAB/UABHS HIPAA Classroom Training – you will need to click on and enroll in the On-Line training (***do not click on the Classroom training) and then follow the training instructions. ***If you click on the Classroom training you will need to unenroll and then enroll in the On-Line training. (***do not click on the Classroom training) and then follow the training instructions. (***do not click on the Classroom training) and then follow the training instructions. ***If you click on the Classroom training you will need to unenroll and then enroll in the On-Line training. If the HIPAA training does not show up in your assigned training, you have already completed the training; which means 1) you are employed at UAB, 2) you were formally employed at UAB, or 3) you are a former UAB SON student. You will need to send a copy of your certificate of completion either via email to or fax to 205-975-5490.
  • Successful completion is considered a score of 75% or better. If unsuccessful, repeat these steps until you have a satisfactory score.

The School of Nursing will have access electronically to your training

OSHA - Bloodborne Pathogens (OSHA) training

Reason Recurrence

OSHA Certification - “Occupational Safety and Health Administration” is a requirement of the U.S. Dept. of Labor. “The UAB Department of Occupational Health & Safety's mission is to ensure that our customers have a safe workplace by providing them with the service and knowledge necessary to protect themselves, the UAB community, and the environment.” “Bloodborne Pathogens Course – BIO 500”.

Follow the steps below to complete Bloodborne Pathogens (OSHA) training:

To access the “Bloodborne Pathogens Course” BIO 500 training go to: This will take you to the (LMS) Learning Management System.

Bloodborne Pathogens Course (OHS_BIO500) course is required annually.

  • Click the green box in the middle of the page labeled “Learning System”
  • Login using your BlazerID/Username and Password
  • Click on “Catalog”
  • In Search box type: Bloodborne and run search
  • Click on Bloodborne Pathogens Course – OHS_BIO500
  • Click on the green Enroll button
  • Click on Course Material – PDF
  • Click on Open to review the course material
  • Click on Course Material – Slide View
  • Click on Course Assessment
  • Click on Start Test to begin the quiz
  • Click on Exit Test once you have successfully completed the quiz
  • Click on Bloodborne Pathogens Course Evaluation and complete the evaluation
  • Once you have successfully completed the training, print your Certificate of Completion and keep it for your records.

The School of Nursing will have access electronically to your training.

***If you have problems accessing the Learning Management System read illustrated instructions on page 2.

LMS Browser Set-up:

  1. Login to the LMS using Internet Explorer 8 or above.
  2. At the “My Learning” Tab Right Click in the area to the Left of the House/Home Icon
  3. Make sure the “Menu Bar” is checked
  4. 4. If the “Menu Bar” is checked you will see the menu options “File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, and Help”
  5. Under the tools option hover/hold the cursor over the “Pop-up Blocker” Option.
  6. To the right you should see the statement “Turn On Pop-Up Blocker” but if it says “Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker” turn them off.
  7. Three spaces beneath the “Pop-up Blocker” Option will be the “Compatibility View” option. Make sure there is a check mark by “ Compatibility View”
  8. If your display does not have a “Compatibility View” listing, but only a “Compatibility View Settings” option, click on the “Compatibility View Settings” option.
  9. You will be presented a display similar to the followings.
  10. Click on the Add button and your screen should have the “” website added to the list of “Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View” as indicated below.
  11. Your Browser should be ready to work in the LMS. Proceed to you course.

If you continue to have problems, contact Larry Sweeney at 205-934-1273, or Patricia Merchant at 205-975-3664, If you send an email, please include a phone number where you can be reached. This phone should near your computer so that someone can assist you.

CPR - CPR Certification

Reason Recurrence
NEEDS CPR Varies depending on certifying organization

All undergraduate students with a CPR hold can drop a signed copy of their updated CPR certification to Pat Little in room NB 1003 (School of Nursing Building) or email a scanned copy (front and back of card) to

If your CPR is out of date & you need to update your CPR certification –

Accepted CPR training:

  1. American Heart Association's BLS;
  2. American Red Cross Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers; or
  3. American Red Cross's CPR/AED for Health Care Providers & Professional Rescuers.

Drug Screen and Background Check

Reason Recurrence

Students who need a background check and drug screen will receive two emails to their email account. Students have 10 days to complete both steps and will be notified prior to the start of the next semester.

  1. Expect an email for the background check from, Employment Screening Services (ESS).
  2. Complete the background check.
  3. Pay for the background check and drug screening.
  4. Expect an email for the drug screening from
    1. This email will arrive within 24 to 48 hours after payment has been received, and will contain your drug screen registration number.
    2. *NOTE: If you are unable to provide an adequate urine sample, you will be charged an additional $50.00 fee for a second sample attempt.
    3. The second email should also provide a link to find the Labcorps sites nearest your residence in order to complete the drug screen.
    4. Additionally, some sites will allow you to schedule an appointment.

You will have 10 business days from receipt of your background check email to complete both the background check and drug screen – please check your spam/junk/clutter folders if you do not receive the background email.

POS - Program of Study

Reason Recurrence
NEEDS UPDATED POS Whenever course vary from signed program of study

Contact your academic advisor in order to update and sign your program of study.

HI - Proof of Insurance

Reason Recurrence
Mandatory Insurance Required Annually

Students who already have their own personal insurance coverage have the option to waive the VIVA Student coverage. The student must sign a waiver stating that he/she has major medical insurance that is comparable or superior to the Viva plan. The major medical insurance coverage must meet the following minimum standards:

  • Physician and hospital coverage with providers in Alabama
  • Minimum of $500,000 lifetime maximum benefit
  • Transplant Coverage

Students will need to provide the insurance company name and policy number for verification. Students may sign the waiver online at the link below. (Students entering in the summer semester should check the box for the fall semester.)

Please contact Candace Ragsdale at (by e-mail or call 205-996-2589) with any questions or concerns.

Disclaimer: Student Insurance only covers service to providers in Alabama. Distance students should find alternate, comparable insurance.


Reason Recurrence
NON-DEGREE As applicable

Contact Ms. Jacqueline Lavier, at email:, Phone: 205-975-3115, if you would like to submit a request form in order to take a course for the summer 2017 semester.

LOA - Leave of Absence

Reason Recurrence
LOA Semester Year As applicable

Leave of Absence - Contact your faculty advisor and ensure your program of study is current.

General Information and Other Holds

Reason Recurrence
(See below) As applicable

  • Other Holds -
    Please contact the appropriate Program Manager in the Office of Student Success.
  • Registration-- Your registration window information is in your Student Resources tab in BlazerNet under Registration Tools.
  • BlazerNet is your one-stop area for information related to your academic career. Please take time to explore this tool as we expect our online learners to be able to navigate and find resources within the UAB portal. You will find Financial Aid, Registration information (including a step-by-step guide to registration), academic catalog, library links, student resources, etc.
  • Go to the Academic Calendar Academic Calendar located at or select “quick links” then select Academic Calendar to view when classes begin and late registration. You will be charged with late registration fees if you do not register before the deadline. Information about late registration can be found at:

If you have questions, please contact the Student Success Office at or call 205-975-7529/205-975-7530/205-975-7545.

RH- Registration Hold

Reason Recurrence
Must Reapply after Graduating As In last term of course work

Once a student files for graduation, this hold is added to a student’s account. This hold does NOT prevent graduation or ordering of transcripts.