Polancich is on National Quality Forum

Polancich to serve on Data Quality Technical Expert Panel

Photo: Shea Polancich UAB School of Nursing Associate Professor Shea Polancich, PhD, RN (MSN 1996), has been selected for a one-year appointment to the National Quality Forum Electronic Health Record Data Quality Technical Expert Panel.

The National Quality Forum is a not-for-profit organization that works to advocate and support improvements in health care, and it organizes technical expert panels on a variety of subjects in order to address issues in health care. As part of the technical expert panel on electronic health record data quality issues, Polancich will help guide the development of a draft report and propose best practices for addressing data quality and to recommend improvements to increase reliability, validity, use and usability of NQR’s electronic clinical quality measures.

“I consider it a great privilege to serve on this panel with experts from across the country performing such an important and critical task, making recommendations for the usability of electronic health record data in quality measurement development that may have implications for all healthcare systems,” Polancich said.

Polancich will serve on the panel through November 2020.

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