White and Wilbanks papers receive AMIA recognition

American Medical Informatics Association Nursing Informatics Working Group names papers among those recommended that contributed to the science of nursing informatics

Photo: Bryan Wilbanks By Frank Couch

University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing Assistant Professor Bryan Wilbanks, PhD, DNP, CRNA, and Assistant Professor and Coordinator, RN First Assist Subspecialty Tracie White, DNP, RN, ACNP-BC, CNOR, CRNFA, are each first authors on peer-reviewed papers recently named among the Recommended Papers contributing to the science of nursing informatics by the American Medical Informatics Association, Nursing Informatics Working Group.

Wilbanks’ paper, The Effect of Data-Entry Template Design and Anesthesia Provider Workload on Documentation Accuracy, Documentation Efficiency, and User-Satisfaction, was published in the peer reviewed International Journal of Medical Informatics in October of 2018. The study explored the impact of data-entry template design and anesthesia provider workload on documentation accuracy, documentation efficiency, and user-satisfaction to identify the most beneficial data-entry methods for use in future documentation interface design.

The study found computer-assisted data-entry had the best documentation efficiency scores and required the least percentage of the nurse anesthetists’ time (9.65 percent) compared to auto-filling (11.43 percent) and paper-based documentation (15.23 percent).

Photo: Tracie White White’s paper, Virtual Postoperative Visits for New Ostomates, was published in the February 2019 issue of Computers Informatics Nursing. Her research project was designed to determine the feasibility of virtual postoperative visits, to define specific issues patients want addressed, and to assess patient satisfaction with a virtual format.

The pilot project recruited 10 colorectal surgery patients who attended two outpatient virtual visits following hospital discharge. The study found virtual visits were feasible and patients were satisfied the format addressed common themes of skin irritation and pouching.

Both papers were submitted for consideration by UAB School of Nursing Professor and Associate Dean for Technology and Innovation Jacqueline Moss, PhD, RN, FAAN. 

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