Townhouse lot construction to wrap by year’s end

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construction streamWork continues on the northeast corner of 20th Street South and University Boulevard to reclaim the lot formerly occupied by the UAB Townhouse. The 1950s building was razed earlier this summer.

The lot is being reconfigured into a partially paved, green park space; the Lot 30 parking area will return after construction is complete. Bidding will open Aug. 29, and construction is planned to be completed by the end of December.

Additionally, the parking area in front of the 2020 Building is being restriped and is scheduled to open next week. The alley behind the Townhouse lot and the Administration Building also will open next week; construction will be moved back to the lot perimeter and potholes will be filled with crumbled stone.

The 20th Street sidewalk, which was closed for pedestrian safety, will reopen by Aug. 29; however, the University Boulevard sidewalk will remain closed for repairs and updates. This coincides with sidewalk scaffolding and closures on the east and south sides of the McCallum Basic Health Sciences Building, where exterior façade work is underway.