Survey says: Speak up and make a difference — again

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2023 campus engagement survey 492x369 bannerShare your thoughts on work and life at UAB and identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in an anonymous, online campus engagement survey Feb.6-20.

The survey, which will be distributed to all faculty and full-and part-time employees of UAB’s Workgroup A, is a follow-up to the 2019 survey, which prompted changes to improve communication from and with senior leadership, develop managerial training and career-development programs and promote consistency in performance management processes. Results from previous surveys also were instrumental in numerous improvements — from employee-learning experiences to new institutionwide awards and expanded child care services.

“This survey helps us understand the experiences and perspectives of faculty and staff and identify areas and strategies for improvement as we did in 2017 and 2019,” said Chief Human Resource Officer Janet May. “The 2023 survey results will provide feedback and data that helps us identify the resources that are needed to help drive individual engagement and institutional growth.”

How does this work?

What happened after the 2019 survey?

Your feedback led to changes in three areas: Communication, leadership and performance management.

Read about it here.  

Once again UAB will partner with ModernThink, an organizational development and management consulting firm with particular expertise in improving workplace quality, to ensure anonymity and encourage candid responses from employees.

Modern Think will email employees an individualized link to the UAB Campus Engagement Survey on its secure website Feb. 6. The email sender is Great Colleges ( Work time may be used to complete the survey; look for an email from Great Colleges ( Most people will be able to complete the survey in about 15 minutes. You will be able to stop and restart the survey, if needed. A list of frequently asked questions is on the campus engagement site along with a review of changes prompted by the 2017 survey and the 2019 survey.

What is covered in the survey?

Since 2019, the survey statements have been updated by ModernThink to solicit feedback on a broad range of topics focused on the following themes:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Confidence in senior leadership
  • Diversity, inclusion & belonging
  • Faculty and Staff well-being
  • Faculty experience
  • Job satisfaction and support
  • Mission and pride
  • Performance management
  • Professional development
  • Effectiveness of supervisors/department chairs

Some questions may ask you to evaluate senior leadership in your area and others may inquire about your supervisor or chair. This should help clarify definitions of personnel employees are being asked to evaluate:

  • Senior leadership refers to the leader in charge of the broad unit in which you serve, specifically the vice president, dean or chief officer. Find yours here.
  • Supervisor/division or department chair refers to your immediate supervisor.  This is the person to whom you report directly, specifically the one who conducts your annual performance review.
Don't have access to computers at work?

Employees who don't have regular access to a computer as a part of their workday can access computers and Wi-Fi through UAB Libraries or complete the survey on their mobile devices.

What happens with the data?

ModernThink is expected to provide the aggregated results to UAB in March. President Ray Watts, senior leadership and survey steering committee are committed to gathering feedback, identifying priority areas of action, sharing the findings with you before the spring ends and developing follow-up plans to address them.

Why are students not included in this survey?

The Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Survey, which is administered to all UAB students every other spring, is scheduled to launch March 1 and end March 31. UAB uses student feedback on institutional activities and services — from academics to student services to extracurricular activities — to improve student learning and life.

If you have questions that are not answered in the FAQs, email for information and assistance.