What’s in that corridor outside your office?

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erep corridor stock 550pxThe hallway outside your office suite or workspace may seem like a handy place to keep extra equipment, empty boxes or filing cabinets. But the corridor width is designed specifically to meet fire and building codes, and those codes are there to make sure everyone can get out in an emergency and, in the event of a fire, to keep combustible material at a minimum. This also helps in ensuring that those in wheelchairs, or who have disabilities, can easily navigate the corridors as intended and without obstructions in their path.

A reminder from the Campus Safety Group in UAB Environmental Health & Safety: Furniture and equipment such as chairs, desks, tables, lab equipment (including refrigerators), boxes and storage equipment, shelf units, and other non-approved items may not be used or stored in hallways.

There are some exceptions, and a process for approval of corridor storage by Campus Safety on a case-by-case basis:

  • approved items located in alcoves/recesses protruding not more than 12 inches into the building corridor, such as a small table.
  • approved non-combustible recycling and trash receptacles.

It is not allowed to affix anything in non-emergency corridors inside office suites, except small items such as a table, bookshelves and electrical items such as a coffee pot or printer.

Building administrators or their designees should contact Campus Safety at 205–934–2487 to arrange inspection and approval of items on a case-by-case basis. Approved hallway items will receive a hallway display identifier, or HDID, tag, and may remain in building corridors. HDID tags may be placed in an inconspicuous location on the item but may not be obstructed from public view.

If temporary, non-obstructive hallway storage is needed on an emergency basis or for urgent maintenance/construction situations, arrangements must be made with the approval of Campus Safety. (Call 205–934–2487 to arrange.)

Non-approved and non-conforming items found in hallways will be identified by Campus Safety and documented in an inspection report. These reports will be sent to the building administrator for immediate removal of all identified items. Questions about removing non-surplus items from hallways should be directed to Campus Safety at 205–934–2487. All unwanted property, functional or not, must be sent to UAB Surplus.