New Trade Safe Zone to help Blazers buy goods safely

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trade safe zone streamThe zone, which is designated with bright green paint, has video surveillance, a UAB Help Phone and is well lit.Buy, sell and trade goods safely on campus in the new Trade Safe Zone, located in the UAB Police and Public Safety Department parking lot at 1117 14th Street South. The zone has video surveillance, a UAB Help Phone and is well lit. The parking spot is designated with a sign and bright green paint on the asphalt.

“This new designated space for trading from places like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist will help keep Blazers safe when they meet others to buy and sell things,” said Crime Prevention Specialist Sgt. Steven Gladden. “And because the police station is on campus, this new location is easy and convenient for everyone to access.”

Many forces are at work on campus to keep Blazers safe. UAB has 100-plus accredited police officers, a fleet of patrols monitoring campus, more than 490 Help Phones located throughout campus and roughly 3,700 video cameras in buildings, parking decks and outdoor areas. Employees can download the Rave Guardian app, use the Motorist Assistance Roadside Service or call the Blazer Express Safety Escort Service.

trade safe zone 2 vertThe zone also is marked with a sign.Much like visiting the Trade Safe Zone, Blazer also can take other forms of personal responsibility to keep themselves and others safe on campus.

Report threatening behavior. A student's or employee’s intuition and observation is the best campus defense. If you notice concerning behavior in a colleague, student or even yourself or are worried about a potential threat to the campus community, file a report with UAB’s Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management team. Read more.

Protect your personal property. Campus is full of valuable items — from cell phones to laptops to textbooks — a criminal is tempted to snatch when you step away for just a moment. Follow these 5 tips to keep your personal items safe. Read more.

Stay safe after dark. UAB offers services such as smartphone apps and safe transportation options to help you play an active role in your own personal safety, so make your phone an essential part of your safety plan. Read more.