Haley Herfurth

Haley Herfurth

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50thShieldONLY COLORHelp the Graduate School and Staff Council provide much-needed items to the Ronald McDonald House and Birmingham-area schools.

Learn what UAB graduate students and postdocs are uncovering in their research during five events this spring.

A grant awarded by the Japan Foundation Los Angeles will enable UAB Foreign Languages and Literatures to hire an instructor, expand course offerings and establish a major concentration in Japanese.

UAB BTS logo FINALThe UAB Reporter wants to know how people in your unit volunteer. Submit a publicity request with the details and a group selfie for a chance to be featured.

retro art streamThe hospital was founded to provide health care to those in Birmingham who needed it most. Now, UAB continues that mission through its participation in the All of Us Research Program.

INTO Giving matched the grant the organization received this past winter to generate nearly $19,500 in support in a little more than a year.

Still deciding how to give back this year? The UAB Tree Fund helps maintain tree diversity, replace damaged or diseased trees and add to the overall tree population on campus.

Psychology’s Zina Trost and several international colleagues have compiled a valuable resource for clinicians, students and researchers studying the practice, management, processes and psychology of pain.

Visit one of five locations to enroll in the All of Us Research Program, which aims to enroll 1 million-plus volunteers and oversample communities underrepresented in research to create the largest, most diverse resource of its kind.

December 03, 2018

Hard work pays off

retro art streamIn April 1989, UAB celebrated reaching $100 million in active research grants and contracts. Three decades later, the university surpassed the $500 million mark — $527 million during the year ending Oct. 31, to be exact.

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