The UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center recently hosted its third annual Diabetes Research Day.

In a new preventive medicine study, Gareth Dutton hopes to determine what types of long-term programs help people manage weight loss over time.

Mike Wyss recently was honored by the Alabama Academy of Science with its 2011 Wright Gardner Award — the top state science award.

Sandra Pilkinton has been named February’s Employee of the Month.

Trigg latest from UAB family to be memorialized on the Hill University Center's Wall of Honor.

Psychologists Joseph Schumacher and Jalie Tucker were selected to help educate Congress about the dangers in cutting funding.

Mike Jezdimir came to UAB’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for help with transverse myelitis.

Sixteen UAB physicians and researchers were selected for awards during the Comprehensive Cancer Center’s annual Research Retreat.

A team of eight — six with UAB ties — that spent a week in Lanzhou, China, teaching physical therapy techniques to health-care providers.

Civitan International Research Center still setting the bar in developmental cognitive disabilities research after 20 years.

The Comprehensive Diabetes Center is only a few years old says Anath Shalev, M.D., — the center's new director— so there is much work to do.

Cary Ramey's toe-thumb transplant gives his active lifestyle a boost.

Jorge Alsip, M.D., has been appointed as UAB Health System’s first chief medical information officer (CMIO) effective Oct. 4.

UAB medical professionals who were in New York on 9/11 when the World Trade Center was attacked remember that day and the lessons learned.

James Long, associate professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery, offers patients a non-surgical option to treat Dupuytreyn’s disease.

UAB ED Charge Nurse Matt McLain is on track to complete his nurse practitioner degree in 2013, and he’s also July’s Employee of the Month.

Triplets Jeanette, Lynette and Annette celebrated their 60th birthday with a visit to UAB and a tour of the new Women & Infants Center.

Installation of new electronic health record in UAB Hospital and its clinics means better, more efficient care for patients.

Traveler's Health Clinic Director David Freedman says concerns the Germany strain of E. Coli will spread in America are minimal.

UAB Surgical Physician Assistant faculty and students volunteered to work worked in Cullman after the April 27 tornadoes.
Associate Professor Andra Frost has taken a small step that could lead to a giant leap — improving the outlook for many cancer patients.
The UAB Human Resources Department has hired Lauren Whitt, Ph.D., to head the new UAB Employee Wellness program.
Dori Pekmezi recently discovered the state’s first Turner’s syndrome support group and now is promoting an upcoming April meeting.
The new UAB Community Counseling Clinic, an internship site in the School of Education, gives grad students hands-on training.
UAB Hospital staff will leave Jan. 28 for a 10-day journey into a part of the world where medical care is a luxury.
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