The Neuroinflammation, Pain, and Fatigue Lab at UAB is currently recruiting men between the ages of 39-65 with Fibromyalgia and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a research study. This study combines the use of multiple questionnaires and blood draws to learn more about chronic pain and fatigue. Participation includes a screening visit and twice-weekly blood draw visits over a 12-13 week period. Participants earn up to $750 for the completion of this study. If you are interested, please call 205-530-3796, email, or visit
Adults ages 25-75 needed for weight loss study does when you eat affect your weight and body fat levels? UAB’s Department of Nutrition Sciences and Weight Loss Medicine Clinic are conducting a 14-week study to see if changing your mealtimes can help you lose more weight and more body fat. We are looking for people who are overweight, 25-75 years old, do not have diabetes, and who are willing to enroll in the weight loss program at UAB’s Weight Loss Medicine Clinic. Participants will either eat early in the day or eat throughout the day, and we will see if when you eat affects how much weight you lose, your body fat and muscle mass, and your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. To participate in the study, you must enroll as a new patient at the UAB Weight Loss Medicine Clinic, and you must not be participating in another weight loss study or program. In return for participating in the study, you will receive one-year clinic membership at the UAB Weight Loss Medicine Clinic (an $850 value), which includes weekly group classes to help you lose weight; body scans to measure your body fat and muscle mass; and testing for your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. If you are interested, please contact either Humaira (; 205-934-5458), Cody (; 205-934-5458), or David (; 205-975-0269) for more information.
DIET-MS is a 12-week study focused on improving dietary and physical activity habits in adults with MS. Using innovative technology and a health coach, you will set goals and receive a personalized diet plan. You may be eligible if you have an MS diagnosis, are 21-65 years old, want to improve your health and if you have access to the internet. If eligible, you may be able to receive up to $50 in compensation. To learn if you qualify, please contact Alex Yates at 205-403-5525 or
Participants between the ages 65-84 needed for a research study on balance. This study is being done to determine how balance (or your ability stay upright while initiating gait from standing position) by older adults is affected as you step over an obstacle placed at different distances forward and stepping sideways. If you qualify, we anticipate that your participation in the study session will be no more than three hours. You will be compensated for your time. Please e-mail Dr. Christopher Hurt, or contact him at 934-8517 if you are interested.
Are you age 18 or older, have tried at least one antidepressant medication and feel sad, hopeless, guilty, tense or irritable and are in good physical health? You may be eligible to participate in a research study comparing medications with transcranial magnetic stimulation. You will receive compensation for your time. For more information and to determine eligibility, call Allison at 205-975-2911
Researchers want to pay you to help us see if people can protect their mental health and their brain health. This knowledge is especially important to understand as people face difficult situations. All information collected will be kept confidential. The study involves up to 3 visits lasting 2-3 hours each, including one MRI. You will be paid for your time. For more information, please call and /or leave a voicemail at (205) 348-2808. This study is conducted under the direction of Ian M. McDonough, Ph.D.

Men and women ages 18-65 and in general good health may be eligible to participate in a study to help researchers gain a better understanding of how your immune cells differ from those who have autoimmune disorders. During the study, you will receive an influenza vaccine. Your blood will then be drawn by a registered nurse during up to 7 study visits. Compensation is provided after enrollment for those who qualify. Call 205-996-4099 or 205-934-6777.

UAB Psychiatry is looking for participants who have never experienced trauma, abuse or neglect; have good physical health; have been diagnosed with depression or feel, sad, down or hopeless. Call 205-975-0068.

Are you ages 18–27 and in overall good health? You may qualify for the PHITE study. PHITE is a randomized exercise dose response trial to better understand how exercise induces health benefits. Participants receive supervised exercise training with certified trainers, valuable information about their health, and up to $1000 compensation for their time.

HVTN 124 is a Phase 1 clinical trial to test the safety and immune response of 1 experimental vaccine and adjuvant (a substance to “alert” the immune system) in healthy, HIV-uninfected adults ages 18-50. The study is 14 months in length with 13 visits to our clinic for the duration of the study. Of those 13 visits, you will be vaccinated at 5 visits. Visits to our clinic range from 30-90 minutes and entail a brief physical exam, small blood draw, vaccinations, HIV counseling and testing, and completion of a diary. You are compensated for your time and travel at $75 for initial screening and for follow-up visits, and $100 for the vaccination visits.
If ‘yes’ to both questions, you may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial of Lacripep™. Lacripep™ is a synthetic tear protein fragment that may restore health to dry eyes. For more information about the trial, please contact or 205-934-6734. Patients will be compensated for each completed visit.
Study looks at the safety and efficacy of a new drug for the treatment of osteoporosis in men. Looking for men ages 40-80 who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. If interested please call Stephanie Biggers, 205-934-1444, or Josh Melnick, 205-975-0583, for more information.
The study will test the safety and acceptability of a new rectal gel, which is being developed to protect against HIV infection during anal sex. If you are HIV negative and have had receptive anal sex at least once in your life, you may be eligible to participate. The study involves 9 visits over a period of about 3-5 months. During this time, you will insert the gel, rectally, a total of 3 times. Rectal biopsies will be collected at 5 of the visits. Physical exams and HIV/STI testing will be provided at no cost, and you will be compensated up to $1,375 for your time. For more information, call (205) 996-4405.
Do you have peripheral arterial disease (PAD), or peripheral arterial revascularization procedure, or amputation due to atherosclerotic disease? The UAB Department of Nutrition Sciences is conducting a 5-year research study to evaluate the effectiveness of an investigational drug to treat cardiovascular (CV) disease. To qualify, you must be >45 years old and moderately overweight. Qualified participants will receive study drug free of charge and compensation for time and travel. For more information, and to see if you might be eligible to join, please contact (205) 996-4015.
We are looking for individuals with spinal cord Injury or spinal cord disease who are ages 19-65. This study is looking to test a quick, non-invasive, and cost-effective method for measuring body composition (fat mass, lean mass, and total body water) in people with SCI/D. It requires one visit to Lakeshore Foundation and you can earn $50 for participating. Please call Alex Yates (205) 403-5525 or email to learn more and find out if you are eligible to participate.
The UAB Department of Nutrition Sciences is conducting a nutrition study looking at the effects of diet in Type 2 diabetes. You may qualify if you are ages 35-65, are African American or European American, have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes within the past 5 years, and are willing to travel to UAB for testing visits. Qualified participants will receive weekly groceries, personal health information, group support sessions with a Registered Dietitian, and monetary compensation for your time. For more information and to see if you qualify, please call 205-934-4386 or email
Participants needed for the ACES Trial - Antihypertensives Combined with Exercise for Seniors with Hypertension. This is a randomized, controlled trial (RCT) to determine if choice of antihypertensive medication influences changes in functional status and other cardiovascular risk factors among older persons with hypertension. Sedentary men and women > 60 years of age with functional limitations and hypertension will be recruited from two sites to participate in a longitudinal intervention trial. Participants will be randomly assigned to one of three first-line antihypertensive agents and participate in a structured aerobic exercise intervention. This study is expected to differentiate beneficial effects of three FDA-approved antihypertensive medications on established and emerging cardiovascular risk factors in a clinically-relevant population. For more information, call 205-996-3005 or apply online.
UAB researchers are conducting a study to investigate how daily consumption of types of foods influences body weight and composition, and other outcomes related to risk of certain diseases. If you are ages 18-50 you may be eligible to participate. Participation involves attending 5 study visits, consuming a food item daily for 30 days, and acquiring measures related to body weight, body composition and glucose metabolism. You will be compensated for completing the study. For more information call: 205-975-4113 Enrollment is limited!
Volunteers needed: Male or female ages 18-59, must be proficient in English, with normal vision and hearing ability, and with a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), in partial or full remission after starting an SSRI or SNRI antidepressant in the past 24 months. You may be eligible to participate in a research study. To determine your eligibility, please call Kristine at 205-975-8542.
We are looking for healthy men and women ages 18-65 to participate in a research study. You must have no history of gastrointestinal or kidney disease. We are conducting a study to examine the presence of Oxalobacter, a naturally occurring molecule in our bodies. This study involves collection of stool specimens. Compensation is provided. Please send an email to if you are interested.
Get bigger, faster and stronger. Men ages 18-27 in good general health needed. PHITE is a randomized exercise dose response trial to better understand how exercise induces health benefits. Participants receive supervised exercise training with certified trainers, valuable information about their health and up to $1000 compensation. Sign up at
Are you a healthy person ages 18-40? You may be eligible to participate in a research study about the effects of exercise and Metoprolol (a blood pressure pill) on a protein in your blood. This protein is related to heart disease. Eligible participants must be healthy men and women, African American or Caucasian with no history of diabetes, heart problems, or kidney problems. The study involves performing exercise, taking metoprolol, consuming prepared meals, and collecting blood samples. Participants will be compensated. Please email Dr. Nirav Patel, if you are interested.
Self-identified minority couples age 18-50 (1 female with cervix and 1 fertile male) needed. The purpose of the Post Coital DNA Recovery Study is to determine timing for DNA detection, potentially helping rape victims. Call 205-996-0183, 9am-4pm M-F for screening questions or leave message. Eligible males: $50 for 1 collection; eligible females: $250 for 4 collections.
There is a clinical study at UAB enrolling people with depression. If you have a history of depression or are currently depressed, please call us at 934-8336 for screening and enrolling. You will be compensated up to $120 if you complete the study.
Are you: generally healthy? Have NO history of mental illness or psychiatric disorders; can read and write in English? You may be eligible for participation. For more information and to determine eligibility, please call 205-934-2484. Compensation is provided.
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