Changes ahead for LMS to improve on-the-job learning

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learning and development 492Among UAB employees, opportunities for advancement are in demand. Faculty and staff are looking for modern ways to develop professionally at UAB, according to the 2019 Campus Engagement Survey. UAB Human Resources is working to meet that demand with ongoing improvements to the employee-learning experience.

“We know faculty and staff are looking for ‘just enough, just in time, just for me’ learning experiences,” said UAB Learning & Development’s HR Executive Director Susan Coan. “These changes make delivering that experience tremendously easier.” 

Through enterprisewide collaboration, HR is rolling out key improvements to the UAB employee learning experience.  

New LMS ahead

A new learning-management system to deliver online regulatory, compliance and department-specific learning for employees in workgroups A and F, plus registration for Learning & Development courses, is scheduled to launch in January 2020.

More than 50,000 courses are completed annually in the current system. These courses soon will be accommodated by the new campus LMS, as will the Hospital LMS HealthStream, and provide users of both systems “an easier, more streamlined experience,” Coan said. “Making the switch allows us to greatly expand how we deliver on-demand, digital content, while continuing to provide a portfolio of in-person workshops and series.”

LinkedIn Learning

Earlier this year, UAB upgraded from to LinkedIn Learning. The new online learning platform offers access to all of the courses, plus thousands of new courses and features.

Learning & Development provides free membership to LinkedIn Learning to all benefit-eligible UAB faculty and staff. Sign up for your free account at

“We know faculty and staff are looking for ‘just enough, just in time, just for me’ learning experiences. These changes make delivering that experience tremendously easier.”
— HR Executive Director Susan Coan

The Learning & Development website recently was redesigned to promote lifelong employee learning and facilitate access to a variety of learning opportunities.  See the resources available at

Learning Locker

UAB Learning Locker, formerly known as EdTrack, will offer employees access to their comprehensive learning history and learning-completion certificates and allow organization administrators to access individual and departmental training histories.