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Received in OSP Awaiting OSP data processing to put in queue for set up
OSP Processing Initiated In OSP data processing queue for set up in IRAP
OSP Processing Completed OSP data processing completed setting up record in IRAP
FG - Draft Proposal Ready for Officer Review In OSP Federal officer queue to review
Awaiting Final eProposal from Department Officer has reviewed and sent comments to department; awaiting final updates in federal portal (e.g., NIH ASSIST, Grants.gov Workspace, NSF Fastlane, etc.) from department
Compliance Approval(s) Pending Awaiting IRB or CIRB approval
Pending Awaiting response from sponsor
FG - NGA Received OSP has received a Notice of Grant Award from sponsor
FG - NGA Support Documents Ready for Officer Review In Federal officer or Award Analyst queue to review support documents
Approved; Processing Award In OSP data processing team queue to set up award
Awaiting Activation in Grants Accounting In Financial Accounting queue for activation
Approved Account approved and fully activated in Financial Accounting
Submitted to IRB for Review Awaiting compliance approval from IRB
IRB Review Completed/Comments forwarded to Officer In OSP officer queue
Awaiting Required Documents OSP awaiting required documents
Ready for UAB official signature In queue for AVP signature
Awaiting Clarification from Department OSP awaiting department clarification (check comments section in IRAP for details)
Sent to Office of Counsel for Review Awaiting Office of Counsel to put in queue
Ready for Office of Counsel Review In queue in Office of Counsel
Sent to UABRF for Review Awaiting UABRF to put in queue
Ready for UABRF Review In queue for review with UABRF

FG = Federal Grant