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To make sure the interests of staff are represented, elected Staff Council officials will serve on institutional committees in an advisory capacity.

Current Institutional appointments

Benevolunt Fund
Currently vacant
Blazer Kitchen Advisory Committee
Stefanie Varghese & Michelle Henry (2019- )
Higher Education Partnership Board of Directors (President's Office)
Currently vacant
HR Partners
David Beeching (2018-2019)
Process Improvement Committee
Currently vacant
Research Administration Network Group (RANG) Communications Committee
Hilary Carter (2019- )
UAB Benefits Committee
David Beeching (2019-2021)
UAB Parking and Transportation Committee
David Beeching (2018-2019)


Former Institutional appointments

President's Return of Blazer Football Committee
David Rhodes
Higher Education Partnership Board of Directors (President's Office)
David Rhodes (2016-2018)
Pedestrian Safety Committee
Reid Adair ( -2018)
Process Improvement Committee
Ginger Hattaway (-2019)
Student Conduct Code Review Committee
Deborah Littleton (2018-2019)
UAB 50th Anniversary Committee
Jennifer Breland, Mary Foster, David Rhodes
UAB Engagement Survey Steering Committee
David Rhodes (2017-2018)
UAB Engagement Survey Communication Committee
Latoya Beard
UAB Institutional Pride Committee
Mary Foster (2016-2018)
UAB Strategic Planning Committee
Ginger Hattaway (2016-2018)
UAB Non-Smoking Task Force
Brian Hagan (2016-2017)
VP of Facilities Search Committee
David Beeching, Haley Herfurth, Holly Holiday-Jones, David Rhodes (2018-2019)