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The mission of the UAB Staff Council is to support the vision, mission, values and goals of the University while providing a voice for staff on issues related to them. We will do this through assessment, prioritization, and communication of staff ideas to University administration while promoting a positive collaborative work environment for all.

Membership will represent exempt and non-exempt regular full-time (01), temporary full-time (02), part-time regular (03), and irregular (04) staff affiliated with the UAB campus, including first professional schools and central support and business units.

If you are an employee meeting this definition, you are automatically a member of the Staff Council ... it's that easy!


Our goals include:

  • advancing the vision, mission, values, and goals of UAB;
  • providing a regularly scheduled forum to present information of interest to staff;
  • facilitating communication internally among staff, administration, faculty, and students;
  • presenting advisory recommendations to UAB leaders as issues;
  • upon request of senior administration, providing input, reports, recommendations, and/or guidance regarding matters related to UAB’s staff members;
  • participating in service work that will promote UAB  and the greater Birmingham community; 
  • serving as a liaison between the staff and other assemblies concerned with University affairs;
  • providing a voice to those who make up the majority of those employed at UAB;
  • identifying staff concerns and advocating on behalf of staff on key topics such as salary, benefits, HR policies, financial policies, and professional development;
  • proposing and maintaining programs to enhance the personal and professional well-being of the staff and encourage vocational and educational development;
  • promoting positive morale and strengthening the sense of community among UAB staff.