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About the Staff Council

Q: What is the UAB Staff Council?

The UAB Staff Council will represent campus staff and their interests, serving in an advisory capacity to university administration.

Q: Who is represented by the Staff Council?

Membership is automatic for all exempt and non-exempt UAB staff employees who are categorized as regular and temporary full-time (01 or 02), part-time regular (03) and irregular (04) UAB campus employees within these organizations.

Q: Are hospital staff included?

The Staff Council will initially represent campus staff and concerns, however hospital staff are invited to use this forum as a place to provide feedback.

Q: How many people can serve on the Staff Council?

There will be approximately 42 representatives: two representatives for each campus unit that is headed by a Vice President, Dean, Athletic Director, the Provost or the President. If a campus unit has only one representative, that typically means only one candidate was submitted for election.

Q: Why isn't my unit listed?

Units have been rolled up to the VP, Dean or equivalent level. For example, Academic Joint Departments rolls up to Heersink School of Medicine while the Office of the Vice Provost Student & Faculty Success rolls up to Office of the Provost.
If you believe your unit has been omitted in error, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q: How and when will are elections held?

Nominations for Council Representatives open in April and are followed with elections in May for terms expiring in August, or which are otherwise vacant. The term of service for a Representative is two years.
The Executive Council is elected from within those Representatives each August. All elected Executive Council positions have a one-year term.

Q: Who sits on the Executive Council?

The Executive Council is comprised of the Committee Chairs and elected Executive Officers.  The elected positions consist of the Staff Council Chair, Chair Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and Past Chair.  They have a one-year term, and are nominated and voted upon from within the Staff Council.

Q: What authority does the Staff Council have to make changes?

The Staff Council is an advisory body similar to the Faculty Senate, bringing your issues to the President, Provost or other appropriate leadership. The Staff Council will also serve as liaison between the staff and other assemblies concerned with university affairs, promoting the exchange of ideas and engaging with leadership as an active partner in policy decisions.

Q: What will the Staff Council address?

What's important to you? The Council will gather information and make recommendations to leadership based on staff feedback.


History of the Staff Council

Q: Why was a Staff Council created?

To provide a voice for campus staff.


Q: Who was involved in the creation of the Staff Council?

Members of the Blaze Leadership Academy in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 initially proposed and developed plans for a Staff Council. A group of volunteers continued advancing these efforts until 2016 when the inaugural UAB Staff Council was formed.