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Recently merged into one, the Bylaws, Governance and Elections Committee is responsible for reviewing and maintaining the Staff Council bylaws which outline rules and structure for the organization governance, and for managing the biennial election process for new representatives and the annual election of the Executive Officers.

In 2020 we are beginning a comprehensive review of the bylaws, and are collaborating with IT to create a new nomination and election process for the representative elections.

Laine Chapman (Co-Chair, Bylaws/Governance)
Hilary Carter (Co-Chair, Elections)

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stacy Ballard
Kristin Chapleau
Tommy Foley
Howard Fox
Sylvia Strothers
Stefanie Varghese
Lily Williams

To share an idea, propose an amendment, or join the committee, contact the committee chairs.

  • 2020 Accomplishments
    • We worked with UAB IT to create a new SharePoint workflow process to manage the nominations for the 2020 Staff Council Representative Elections, which enhanced transparency and ease of use during the nomination process, and considerably reduced the time required to manage nominations.
    • We ramped up communication prior to the election, which gave us an 18% increase in the number of standing candidates (105 total), returning us almost to the levels of the very first election.
    • In addition, we developed a new Qualtrics ballot for use in the annual Executive Officer elections, ensuring all those eligible were able to easily cast their votes and the results could be tallied and reported back immediately after the voting window closed.
    • Developed an elections manual to help future officers better understand the complexity of the election process and ensure accuracy of the process.
    • Amended the Staff Council bylaws to reflect changes that have occurred over recent years.