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The Institutional Pride & Events Committee plans and coordinates the yearly fall staff picnic and an open spring forum, as well as other emergency staff forums as needed. They also seek to generate ideas for ways to bolster a sense of pride in UAB that will resonate with all staff. We are responsible for planning and coordinating various Council activities and events such as employee awards, Be Seen in Green, and participation in university events such as Fall Welcome, the Homecoming Parade, and graduation. We work with the Communications and Website Committee to find the best ways to disseminate information and Community Outreach where events overlap and extra support is needed.


Chelsea Eytel (Co-Chair)
Molly Kate Lallone (Co-Chair)

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Richard Bennett
Tiffany Brooks
Hannah Echols
Chelsea Eytel
Betsy Freeburg
Tessa Graham
Amanda Gray
Teresa Hill
Joi Jackson Hollinhead
Jennifer Jones
Molly Kate Lallone
Rachelle Lawhorn
Margaret Lawson
Justin McGuire
Margaret McMahon
Christopher Perry
Laura Terpo
Cassandra Walker
AnnaLee Hudson Whitman

To share an idea or join the committee, contact the committee chairs.