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College Panhellenic Council

Nessa Patel


Hi, my name is Nessa Patel. I am a member of Alpha Xi Delta. I went through recruitment as an incoming freshman. As a freshman at UAB, I wanted to participate in recruitment because I wanted to be in a sisterhood so true that held morals like mine. I was indecisive about participating at first because I didn’t know how recruitment worked and did not know many people who decided to join. My decision welcomed new friendships from Pi Chi groups who are now affiliated in other chapters and helped me find a home!

Hannah Music


Hi, my name is Hannah Music. I am a member of Delta Gamma. I went through recruitment as an incoming freshman. Being an out of state student, I did not know really anyone going to UAB so I decided I was going to go through formal recruitment. What I did not know was that I was going to find the place where I would find my best friends. Going through recruitment was kind of scary, not knowing how everything would turn out really freaked me out at first. I called my mom every night and she told me almost the same thing every night, the right girls will love you as much as you love them. I let that guide a lot of the decisions I made. When I walked into Delta Gamma, I felt at home. That’s the biggest piece of advice that I would give to anyone: find the girls that feel like home. Forget the noise and focus on what feels right, your gut will tell you where you are supposed to be.

Hailey Coyle


Hi, my name is Hailey Coyle. I am a member of Kappa Delta. I went through recruitment during my sophomore year. When I initially came to UAB I was hesitant about participating. I wasn’t sure if Panhellenic was for me, and decided to wait to join my sophomore year, and I am SO glad I chose to! Recruitment was such a positive experience for me, and I absolutely love my chapter, Kappa Delta. It has provided me with my closest friends and such fruitful leadership positions, which I’m very grateful for!

Lauren Mueske


Hi, my name is Lauren Mueske. I am a member of Alpha Omicron Pi. I went through recruitment as a sophomore. My decision came after seeing how involved all the sororities on campus are and how close all of the girls are. Coming into my freshman year as an out of state student I was unsure what a sorority even was and what it meant to be a member of one. After a year at UAB I chose to participate in recruitment going into my sophomore year because I saw from those close to me in different sororities how much joy and fulfillment they felt from their chapters. I am so glad I went through with my decision and found my home.

Kayla Hilburn


Hi, my name is Kayla Hilburn. I am a member of Sigma Kappa. I went through recruitment as a transfer during my sophomore year. I was so worried transferring to UAB that I wouldn’t make any friends. So, I made the decision to go through primary recruitment as a sophomore. Being a sophomore surrounded by younger potential new members was scary. I felt out of place at first , but I knew I had to trust the process and I can say deciding to go through recruitment as an upperclassman and a transfer student was by far the best decision I have ever made. I met one of my best friend through my recruitment group. I received a bid from Sigma Kappa: I was again nervous I wouldn’t fit in, but from that day I have grown into a more confident women, a better friend, and a better leader.

Ashley Fallin


Hi, my name is Ashley Fallin. I am member of Alpha Gamma Delta. I went through recruitment as a transfer student during my junior year. As a transfer student from Jefferson State Community College, my original intentions when coming into UAB was just to come to class and graduate. As a last-minute decision, I decided I wanted to make the best of the two years I had at UAB. Participating in recruitment was the best decision ever!! At first, I was unsure of my placement as a junior, would anyone even want me? As soon as I walked into the doors of Alpha Gam that immediately changed! Every person that I talked to welcomed me, made me feel loved and I knew I had found my home!! Now, as a senior, graduating in the fall, I look back at my time at UAB and I have so much gratitude. Joining a sorority allowed me to become involved in our community, make lifelong friends and fall in love with our university! I do not know where I would be today, if it weren’t for my AGD sisters!

Emma Wright


Hi, my name is Emma Wright. I am member of Alpha Gamma Delta. I went through recruitment as a transfer during my senior year. As a senior, I found it almost intimidating to participate in recruitment due to the large age gap between my fellow potential new members. However, being involved in a sorority has given me a greater appreciation for my college campus. Alpha Gamma Delta gave me a place to call home that loved me for me.

MaryEllis Baty


Hi, my name is MaryEllis Baty. I am Recruitment Counselor this coming recruitment. I went through recruitment as an incoming Freshman athlete. I was very nervous doing athletics and sorority when I first joined. What I learned is, you will have hard days in sports, and hard days at UAB, you need to surround yourself with as big of a support system as you can. At the lowest parts of my athletic career, I have leaned on my sorority and the Panhellenic community for help. College no matter what will be hard, Panhellenic is great since it gives you a community to lean on when times get hard.