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NPHC 101

  • This is an all council information session that takes place each semester for students who may be interested in learning more about NPHC and learning how to potentially join.
  • Designed to provide basic and general information for students as well as present brief introductions to the NPHC fraternities and sororities at UAB.
  • Watch our social media to stay informed of dates and times.

Membership Intake

  • Groups will individually announce their membership selection/intake process during the semester and they will explain their membership process at the initial informational meeting.
  • Process is prescribed by national organization
  • Most require a minimum amount of hours be completed at UAB or at the university level and minimum GPA
  • Interested students are encouraged to check out the national web sites for the various NPHC organizations and to attend events sponsored by the local chapters

Hump Days

  • Hump Days are held once per month on Wednesdays in various locations around campus. Follow our social media to stay up to date on where we'll be this month!
  • NPHC organizations can be seen tabling about service initiatives, educational sessions that they may be hosting soon, or upcoming social events.
  • This is a great opportunity to meet new and older members from these organizations.